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Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation

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The Deposit Insurance Committee is the highest decision-making body of the KDIC. As such, it deliberates and renders decisions on key matters. It is composed of seven individuals including the President of the KDIC (Chairman), the Vice Chairman of the [[Financial Services Commission]], the Vice Minister of the [[Ministry of Strategy and Finance]] and the Senior Deputy Governor of the [[Bank of Korea]]. The three remaining committee members are appointees commissioned directly by the [[Financial Services Commission]] and the other two are recommended by the Minister of the [[Ministry of Strategy and Finance]] and the Governor of the [[Bank of Korea]].
===The Board of Directors===
The Board of Directors, as the highest executive body of the KDIC, is comprisedcomposed of one President, one Executive Vice President, four internal Executive Directors, and seven non-Executive Directors. The auditor may express opinions at Board meetings, but cannot participate in the Board's voting process.
===Organizational Structure===
As of the end of Sep. 2010, the KDIC is composed of ten departments, five offices and one bureau. The total number of employees stands at 563. This number included general employees, and special employees such as attorneys, doctoral researchers, conservators, bankruptcy estate trustees, examiners, etc.