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Hazel (comics)

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[[File:Hazelbook46.jpg|right|thumb|250px|The first collection of [[Ted Key]]'s ''Hazel'' cartoons, published by [[E. P. Dutton]] in 1946, sold 500,000 copies.]]
'''''Hazel''''' is a single-panel cartoon series by [[Ted Key]] about a live-in maid who works for a middle-class family. The character of Hazel came to Key in 1943 induring a dream that he drew the next morning and sent to ''[[The Saturday Evening Post]]'', where it was accepted and began running as a popular, regular series.<ref name=nyt>[ Weber, Bruce. "Ted Key, 95, Creator of 'Hazel' Cartoon, Is Dead"], ''[[The New York Times]]'', May 8, 2008</ref>
==Characters and story==