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'''''Hazel''''' is a single-panel [[comic strip]] illustrated by [[Ted Key]] about the titular character, who works as a live-in maid for a middle class family.
'''''Hazel''''' is a single-panel cartoon by [[Ted Key]] about a live-in maid who works for a middle-class family. The single-panel ''Hazel'' came to Key in 1943 in a dream that he drew the next morning and sent to ''[[The Saturday Evening Post]]'', where it was accepted and began running as a regular series.<ref name=nyt>[ Weber, Bruce. "Ted Key, 95, Creator of 'Hazel' Cartoon, Is Dead"], ''[[The New York Times]]'', May 8, 2008</ref>
It was first published in 1943 in ''[[The Saturday Evening Post]]'' and has been syndicated by [[King Features]] since 1969. Key won the [[National Cartoonist Society]] Newspaper Panel Cartoon Award for 1977 for his work on the strip.
==Characters and story==
He soon afterward gave the wry and bossy household maid the name Hazel, along with employment at the Baxter household. Key's son said in 2008 that Key had picked the name Hazel independently but that a woman believed her brother, an editor at ''The Saturday Evening Post'', had devised the name.<ref name=nyt/>
The comic strip was adapted into [[Hazel (TV series)|a television series]] starring [[Shirley Booth]] that ran from 1961 to 1966.
The cartoon ran until the weekly magazine ceased publication in 1969. ''Hazel'' was then picked up for newspaper syndication by [[King Features Syndicate]]. Key continued to draw ''Hazel'' until his retirement in 1993.<ref>{{cite web
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==Books and reprints==
Key's cartoons were reprinting in a series of books, including ''Hazel'', ''Here's Hazel'' and ''All Hazel''. In 2008, King Features was reprinting ''Hazel'' panels in more than 50 newspapers.<ref name=king>{{cite web
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Key later adapted his comic panel into the television show ''[[Hazel (TV series)|Hazel]]'', starring [[Shirley Booth]] as the titular maid. It ran from 1961 to 1964 on [[NBC]]; for its final 1965 season, the show switched to [[CBS]].
Key won the [[National Cartoonist Society]] Newspaper Panel Cartoon Award for 1977 for his work on the strip.
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