Sparks (Raffi novel)

Sparks (Կայծեր Kaitser) is an 1884 Armenian language novel by the novelist Raffi.[1][2] The novel was translated into Russian as «Искры» (1949).[3]

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Original title(Կայծեր Kaitser)
Publication date
Media typePrint


  1. ^ Louise Nalbandian The Armenian Revolutionary Movement 0520009142 1963 "Such famous novels as Jellaledin, Khente (The Fool), David Beg, Kaitzer (Sparks), Samuel, and Khamsayi Melikuthiunnere (The Meliks of Khamsay) inflamed the nationalist feeling of his readers and moved them to desire freedom"
  2. ^ Kevork B. Bardakjian A Reference Guide to Modern Armenian Literature 0814327478 2000- Page 146 "This and a myriad of ideas pertaining to the unenviable plight of his fellow countrymen in the Ottoman Empire, along with possible ways of bringing political relief, are raised and discussed in Raffi's Kaytzer (Sparks), which many an observer have considered the bible of the modern Armenian liberation movements. Indeed, its impact on contemporary political thought and action has been enormous. Although not a novel in the conventional sense, it is the story of a group of students (including a number of characters who also appear in Hachagoli yisatakarane) who work in or visit Western Armenia..."
  3. ^ The Current Digest of the Soviet Press - Volume 3 - Page 45 1952 "In 1947 the Armenian Republic State Publishing House published the historical novel "Sparks" by the Armenian writer Raffi, and in 1949 it published this book in Russian. "

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