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The Spanish GT Championship / Iber GT (Campeonato de España de GT / Iber GT) was a Spanish auto racing series founded in 1999 and organised by the GT Sport Organización. The series runs multiple classes of grand tourer cars in events around Spain and Portugal. The series later formed the basis for the International GT Open, a European-wide series which follows a similar structure.

Spanish GT Championship
CategoryGrand tourer sportscars
Country Spain
Inaugural season1999
Tyre suppliersDunlop
Last Drivers' championGreece Dimitris Deverikos
Spain Isaac Tutumlu


For racing events, Spanish GT has changed very little since its inception. Each even consists of two races of equal distance, one run on Saturday and the other on Sunday. Each race has its own qualifying session to determine the grid. The races both count towards the points championship, effectively doubling the series schedule.

Initially, three classes of cars were used for the series, termed GT2, GT3, and GT4. This was soon replaced by the GTA, GTB, and GTC classes. These cars ranged from the FIA's GT2 class equivalent down to cars from one make series. The slowest class, GTC, was eliminated in 2001, only to return in 2004. A new GTS class was introduced in 2005, initially for the custom-built SEAT Toledo GT, but was adapted in 2006 to use cars from the FIA GT3 European Championship, originally without scoring points in the first year.

In the current format, the GTA class is dominated by the Ferrari F430 GT2, Porsche 911 GT3-RSR, Mosler MT900R, and the custom-built Sun Red SR21. GTS uses GT3 versions of the Ferrari F430, Porsche 911, Lamborghini Gallardo and Dodge Viper Competition Coupe. GTB is retained for one-make cup regulation versions of the F430 and 911, as well as the Marcos Mantis.

The Spanish GT Championship shares several race weekends with the European F3 Open Championship, also run by the GT Sport Organización.


An overall combined drivers championship is awarded each season, adding overall points to class points, which can mean a driver from a lower class of car can be crowned the series champion. Along with this, each individual class also awards their own champion.

Season Overall GT2 GT3 GT4
1999   Antonio Puig
  Javier Camp
  Carlos Palau   Antonio Puig
  Javier Camp
  Ángel Romero
  Manuel Rosado Domínguez
2000   Miguel Ángel de Castro
  Balba Camino
  Miguel Ángel de Castro
  Balba Camino
  Fermín Vélez
  Javier Díaz
  Luis C. Maurel
2001   Alberto Castello
  Carlos Palau
  Alberto Castello
  Carlos Palau
  Javier Díaz
2002   Miguel Ramos
  Pedro Chaves
  Miguel Ramos
  Pedro Chaves
  Juan Bastos
2003   Gines Vivancos   Miguel Ángel de Castro
  Balba Camino
  Luis Pérez-Sala
  Manuel Cerqueda
  Enrique de la Cuerda
  Jorge Enríquez
2004   Shaun Balfe
  Nigel Taylor
  Miguel Ángel de Castro
  Angel Burgueño
  Luis Pérez-Sala
  Manuel Cerqueda
  Francesc Robert
2005   Giambattista Giannoccaro   Giambattista Giannoccaro   Pedro Bastos
  Miguel Cristóvão
  José Luis Bermúdez de Castro
2006   Michele Bartyan   Michele Bartyan   César Rodrigo
  Daniel Rodrigo
2007   Peter Sundberg
  Domingo Romero
  Peter Sundberg
  Domingo Romero
  Óscar Fernández
  José Manuel Pérez-Aicart
2008   Peter Sundberg   Peter Sundberg   Javier Díaz   Antonio Puig
  Alfredo Palencia
Overall Super GT GTS GT Light
2009   Lourenço Beirão da Veiga
  Ricardo Bravo
  Lourenço Beirão da Veiga
  Ricardo Bravo
  Antonio Castro
  Jesús Diez Villarroel
  Ben Clucas
  Francisco Lorena
2010   Francisco Cruz Martins   Manuel Gião
  Juan Manuel López
  César Campaniço
  João Figueiredo
  Oliver Campos-Hull
  Kosta Kanaroglou
2011   Manuel Gião   Manuel Gião   César Campaniço
  João Figueiredo
  Miguel Toril
  Pol Rosell
2012   Mikko Eskelinen   Mikko Eskelinen   Rafael Unzurrunzaga   Francesc Gutiérrez
  Luis Villalba
Overall Super GT GTS Gentlemen
2013   Isaac Tutumlu
  Dimitris Deverikos
  Isaac Tutumlu
  Dimitris Deverikos
  not attributed   Alexander Talkanitsa Sr.


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