Souxie (Chinese: 搜諧), born Jumixu, was a Chanyu of the Xiongnu Empire. The brother and successor of Fuzhulei Ruoti, he reigned from 20 to 12 BC. Souxie died on his way to Chang'an in 12 BC and was succeeded by his brother Juya Chanyu.[1]

Souxie Chanyu
Domain and influence of the Eastern Huns
Reignc. 20–12 BC
PredecessorFuzhulei Ruoti Chanyu
SuccessorJuya Chanyu
DynastyModu Chanyu
FatherHuhanye Chanyu
MotherDa Yanzhi

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Preceded by Chanyu of the Xiongnu Empire
20–12 BC
Succeeded by