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A factory of TSMC in Tainan Science Park.

The Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP; Chinese: 南部科學工業園區; pinyin: Nánbù Kēxué Gōngyè Yuánqū) is a science park established by the government of Taiwan. It consists of Tainan Science Park and Kaohsiung Science Park,[1] covering 2,578 acres (10.43 km2) and 1,409 acres (5.70 km2), respectively.[2]



The science park was first proposed at an Executive Yuan meeting on 1 July 1993, and the Southern Taiwan Science Park Development Plan was approved in May 1995.[2] By 2000, 80% of the industrial land had been leased out. Thus, in May 2000 the Intellectual Science Park developed by the Taiwan Sugar Corporation (in Lujhu) was designated as the site of Luzhu Science Park. It was renamed to Kaohsiung Science Park and approved on 27 July 2004.[2] In 2009, there were a total of 130 companies based in the park and sales totaled NT$461 billion.[3]

Key industries in the park include integrated circuits, optoelectronics, green energy, and biotechnology.[4] Prominent companies based in the park include TSMC, InnoLux Corporation, and United Microelectronics Corporation.[5]


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