Southern Football Netball League

The Southern Football Netball League is an Australian rules football league, based in the south and south eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, for both seniors and juniors.

Southern Football Netball League
South football netball league.png
FormerlySouth East Suburban Football League
SportAustralian rules football
Founded1963; 58 years ago (1963)
No. of teams36
Level on pyramid4
Relegation toDivision 2
Division 3
Division 4


The South East Suburban Football League was formed in 1963 as a merger of the Caulfield Oakleigh District Football League with the East Suburban Football League after a number of its clubs moved to the Croydon Ferntree Gully FL (now Eastern Football League).

When the Federal Football League folded at the end of 1981, the SESFL had twenty clubs. After the addition of all but one of the Federal clubs for 1982, the league had a 16 team A grade, and a 12 team B grade competition. The league twice tried 3 divisions but the idea was later dropped as clubs left or folded.

In a major project in 1991, the league underwent a major revamp of its administration and opted to employ a full-time administrator and staff to manage the league's affairs. The League's administration along with its member clubs undertook a far-reaching corporate planning programme to map out future directions and objectives. The extra manpower allowed the elevation of League and club standards and the improved marketability of attracting the corporate sponsorship that modern football now required to keep the organisation afloat. Much of this work was completed by early 1992 and it was decided that a new name would be required to flow on from the work already achieved. The Southern Football League was adopted to show that a new professionalism was running football in the southern suburbs.

The league had another major change in 1993, when it absorbed the Eastern Suburbs Churches Football Association. The newly merged league began in 1993 with around 50 clubs playing 5 divisions, though this had dropped to 28 clubs in 3 divisions by 2002 due to clubs folding, merging, or moving to other competitions.[1]

In April 1997, the Southern Football Show began on Optus Vision's Localvision channel, covering the weekly news of the league.[2][3] It moved to Channel 31 Melbourne the following year. This program soon became known as the Southern Footy Show. It later expanded its scope to become the Local Footy Show, covering many Melbourne leagues until 2011.

In the new millennium, the league grew slightly with the addition of the Southern Dragons in 2009, Endeavour Hills in 2011 and Hallam in 2012. The Dragons returned to the VAFA after the 2012 season,[4] but the revival of Carrum Patterson Lakes FC in 2013 after almost 20 years in recess kept the league at 31 clubs.[5]

The 2014 SFL third division seniors grand final was called off after a brawl broke out between players and supporters. The game in which Mount Waverley was taking on Carrum Patterson Lakes. A police spokeswoman said supporters started heckling one of the teams as it left the ground at half-time. A fight broke out and one person was treated in hospital. The game was called off when one of the teams refused to return to the field."[6]

In 2015, acknowledging the netball part of the competition, the league changed its name to Southern Football Netball League. [7] The 2015 season was also a time when the Southern Dragons went into recess.

In 2016 Port Melbourne Colts transferred in from Western Region Football League, and Lyndhurst FC fielded a senior side for the first time.[8]

2017 saw the introduction of women's football.

The inclusion of 3 clubs enabled the league to have 4 men's divisions for 2018.


Year Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Division 5 Women's Div 1 Women's Div 2
2020 Competition suspended Competition suspended Competition suspended Competition suspended Competition suspended Competition suspended
2019 Dingley Doveton Eagles Hampton Park South Yarra Endeavour Hills Lyndale
2018 St Paul's Highett Springvale Districts Cerberus Murrumbeena Clayton
2017 Dingley Chelsea Heights Doveton Eagles Murrumbeena
2016 Dingley Port Melbourne Colts Mount Waverley
2015 Dingley Oakleigh Districts Black Rock
2014 East Brighton Mordialloc Match abandoned
2013 St Pauls Bentleigh Doveton Eagles
2012 East Brighton East Malvern Moorabbin
2011 St Pauls Highett Southern Dragons
2010 St Kilda City Clayton Hampton
2009 St Kilda City Heatherton Skye
2008 St Pauls Dingley South Yarra
2007 St Kilda City Springvale District Black Rock
2006 Clayton Heatherton Parkmore
2005 Balwyn St Kilda City Moorabbin
2004 East Brighton Highett Black Rock
2003 Balwyn Murrumbeena Canterbury
2002 St Kilda City East Brighton Hampton
2001 Clayton Ashwood Tooronga Malvern
2000 Balwyn Chelsea Heights Lyndale
1999 Balwyn Mordialloc North Kew
1998 Balwyn St Kilda City Heatherton Mt Waverley Catholics
1997 Noble Park Balwyn Box Hill Pioneers Lyndale
1996 Noble Park Ashwood Highett Cheltenham Assumption
1995 Parkdale Cheltenham Chelsea Heights Doveton Eagles Lyndale
1994 Noble Park Caulfield St Kilda City Syndal-Tally Ho Carrum Downs
1993 East Brighton Cheltenham Murrumbeena South Yarra Moorabbin West
1992 Noble Park Cheltenham

South East Suburban FL premiersEdit

Year A1 Grade A2 Grade
1963 Murrumbeena
1964 Mount Waverley
1965 Glen Iris
1966 East Brighton Kooyong
1967 Kooyong Sandown
1968 Burwood St Bedes Old Collegians
1969 Canterbury East Malvern
1970 Burwood Hawthorn District
1971 Hawthorn District St Kilda City
1972 Canterbury Sandown
1973 East Brighton Ashburton
1974 Murrumbeena Carnegie
1975 Carnegie Port Colts
1976 East Brighton South Melb Dist
1977 Ashburton Beaumaris
1978 Ashburton Tooronga-Malvern
1979 Burwood Glen Iris
1980 Ashburton St Kilda City
1981 Ashburton East Hawthorn
1982 Clayton East Hawthorn
1983 Noble Park South Melb Dist
1984 Clayton Parkdale
1985 Noble Park Tooronga-Malvern
1986 Noble Park Highett West
1987 Noble Park Ashburton
1988 Caulfield-Ashburton East Brighton
1989 Balwyn Parkdale
1990 Noble Park Tooronga-Malvern
1991 East Brighton Canterbury

Current Clubs (2021 season)Edit

Division 1Edit

Club Nickname Location Ground Website Years in Comp SFL Premierships
Bentleigh Demons Bentleigh Reserve Official Site 1993- Div 2: 2013
Cheltenham Rosellas Cheltenham Reserve Official Site 1982- Div 2: 1992, 1993, 1995
Dingley Dingoes Souter Oval, Dingley Official Site 2007- Div 1: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019
Div 2: 2008
East Malvern
(Known as Tooronga/Malvern until 2012)
Panthers Lucas Oval, Malvern East Official Site 1964- A2: 1978, 1985, 1990
Div 2: 2012
Div 3:
(known as Highett Districts until 1997)
Bulldogs Turner Road Reserve , Highett Official Site 1989- Div 2: 2004, 2011, 2018
Div 3: 1996
Mordialloc Bloodhounds Ben Kavanagh Reserve, Mordialloc Official Site 1988– Div 2: 1999, 2014
Oakleigh District Districts Princes Highway Reserve, Oakleigh East Official Site 1963, 1982- Div 2: 2015
Port Melbourne Colts JL Murphy Reserve, Port Melbourne Official Site 1975-80, 2016- A2 1975
Div 2: 2016
St Kilda City Saints Peanut Farm Reserve, St Kilda Official Site 1965- A2: 1971, 1980
Div 1: 2002, 2007, 2009, 2010
Div 2: 1998, 2005
Div 3: 1994
St Pauls Bulldogs McKinnon Reserve, Bentleigh Official Site 1993- Div 1: 2008, 2011, 2013, 2018

Division 2Edit

Club Nickname Ground Location Club Website Years in Comp SFL Premierships
Caulfield Bears Bears Koornang Park, Carnegie Official Site 1993- Div 2: 1994
Chelsea Heights Demons Beazley Reserve, Chelsea Heights Official Site 1993- Div 2: 2000, 2017
Div 3: 1995
East Brighton Vampires Hurlingham Park, Brighton East Official Site 1963- A1: 1966, 1973, 1976, 1991
A2: 1988
Div 1: 1993, 2004, 2012, 2014
Div 2: 2002
Hampton Hammers Peterson St Reserve, Highett Official Site 1993- Div 3: 2002, 2010
Hampton Park Redbacks Robert Booth Reserve, Hampton Park Official Site 2018- Div 3: 2019
Heatherton Tunners Heatherton Recreation Reserve , Heatherton Official Site 1993- Div 2: 2006, 2009
Div 3: 1998
Keysborough Burras Rolwey Allan Reserve, Keysborough Official Site 2015- -
Murrumbeena Lions Murrumbeena Park, Murrumbeena Official Site 1963- A1: 1963, 1974
Div 2: 2003
Div 3: 1993
Skye Bombers Carrum Downs Rec Reserve, Currum Downs Official Site 2006- Div 3: 2009
Springvale Districts Demons Springvale Reserve, Springvale Official Site 1993- Div 2: 2007
Div 3: 2018

Division 3Edit

Club Nickname Ground Location Club website Years in Comp SFL Premierships
Ashwood Magpies Essex Heights Reserve, Ashwood Official Site 1985- Div 2: 1996, 2001
Black Rock Jets McDonald Reserve, Black Rock Official Site 1986- Div 3: 2004, 2007, 2015
Clayton Clays Meade Reserve, Clayton Official Site 1982-1985 , 1999 - A1: 1982, 1984
Div 1: 2001, 2006
Div 2: 2010
Doveton Eagles Eagles L.J. Reid Oval, Doveton Official Site 1995- Div 2: 2019
Div 3: 2013, 2017
Div 4: 1995
Endeavour Hills Falcons Singleton Reserve, Endeavour Hills Official site 2011-
Narre South Saints Saints Strathaird Reserve, Narre Warren South 2020-
South Mornington Tigers Citation Oval. Helena Street Mt Martha 2006, 2020-
South Yarra Lions Leigh Park, North Balwyn Official Site 1993- Div 3: 2008
Div 4: 1993, 2019

Division 4Edit

Club Nickname Ground Location Club website Years in Comp SFL Premierships
Carrum Patterson Lakes Lions[9] Graham Rd, Carrum Official Site 2013- Reformed,
Carrum FC folded after the 1996 season in the MPNFL
Cerberus Dogs McAuliffe Oval, HMAS Cerberus, Westernport Official Site 2018- Reformed (Previously competed 2004-2010) Div 4: 2018
Dandenong Redlegs[10] Greaves Reserve, Dandenong Official site 1993- (known as Dandenong West until 2003,
Dandenong Demons until 2009)
(Not connected to former VFA club Dandenong)
Frankston Dolphins Dolphins Overpoint Park, Frankston South Official Site 2018- -
Hallam Hawks Hallam Reserve, Hallam Official site 2012-
Lyndale Pumas Barry Powell Reserve, Noble Park North Official Site 1993- Div 3: 2000
Div 4: 1997
Div 5: 1995
Lyndhurst Lightning Boland Drive, Lyndhurst Official Site 2016- -
Moorabbin Kangaroos A.W Oliver Reserve Hampton East Official Site 1993- Div 3: 2005, 2012
Div 5: 1993

Previous ClubsEdit

Folded/In RecessEdit

Club Last season
Ashburton-Chadstone Football Club 1994
Box Hill Adelphians Football Club 1995
Brooklyn Football Club 2004
Camberwell Power Football Club 1996
Carnegie Football Club 1999
Caulfield-Ashburton Football Club 1989
Cheltenham Assumption Football Club 1998
Collingwood Districts Football Club 1995
East Hawthorn Football Club 1987
East Malvern Amateurs 1984
East Sandringham 1975
Fairfield Football Club 1995
Glen Iris Football Club 1987
Heidelberg Colts Football Club 1995
Mount Waverley Football Club 2019
North Blackburn Football Club 1995
Parkmore Football Club 2007
Richmond Rosellas Football Club 1995
Sandown Cobras Football Club 2019
Southern Dragons 2015


Club Club Year Resulting club
Burwood Essex Heights 1986 Ashwood
Burwood (United) Mount Waverley (not the current club in Div 3) 1993 Mount Waverley Burwood
East Bentleigh St Paul's Bentleigh 1996 St Pauls East Bentleigh
East Camberwell Surrey Hills 1994 Surrey Park (moved to EFL in 2001)
Highett Highett West 1989 Highett District
Mentone St Bedes Old Collegians (VAFA) 1993 St Bedes Mentone Tigers (VAFA)
Parkdale Mentone Amateurs (previously St Patrick's Mentone) (VAFA) 2003 Parkdale Vultures (VAFA)
North Kew Kew Amateurs (VAFA) 2007 Kew Bears (VAFA)
Mount Waverley Burwood Waverley Amateurs 1998 Waverley Blues (EFL)

Moved to Eastern Football LeagueEdit

Club Last season in SFL
Balwyn 2006
Box Hill Pioneers 1997
Canterbury 2008
Noble Park 1999
Surrey Park 2001

Moved to Mornington Peninsula Nepean Football LeagueEdit

  • Carrum Downs Football Club

Moved to Northern Football LeagueEdit

Moved to Victorian Amateur Football AssociationEdit

Club Last season in SFL
Beaumaris 1994
Box Hill North 2001
Canterbury 2008
South Melbourne Districts 1999
South Mornington 2006
Syndal-Tally Ho (now known as Chadstone) 1996

Moved to Yarra Valley Mountain District Football LeagueEdit

  • Boronia Park Football Club 1999


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