South Wales Transport[1] was a bus company that operated services in South Wales centred on Swansea and West Wales.

South Wales Transport
Willowbrook bodied AEC Regent Vs in Haverfordwest October 1980
ParentNational Bus Company
Founded2 May 1914
Service areaSouth Wales
Service typeBus operator

History edit

Willowbrook bodied Ford outside Swansea station on as part of NBC in June 1980
Plaxton Pointer bodied Dennis Dart bus on a First Cymru service in 2000

South Wales Transport commenced operating on 2 May 1914 in Swansea. It operated bus services that connected with the Swansea Improvements and Tramway Company. It was owned by British Electric Traction. In 1937, buses replaced the trams.[2]

In 1958, South Wales Transport bought the Swansea and Mumbles Railway which was an electric tram service between Swansea and Mumbles which closed in 1960.

On 1 January 1969, it became part of the National Bus Company. In May 1987, during the privatisation of the National Bus Company, South Wales Transport was sold to a management buy out.[3] It was resold to Badgerline in 1990.[4] It was included in the 16 June 1995 merger of Badgerline with GRT Group to form FirstBus and became part of First Cymru in April 1998.[2][5][6]

South Wales Transport (Neath) Limited edit

The South Wales Transport name has been revived by a bus operator in Neath.[7][8]

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