South Wales Fire and Rescue Service

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service (Welsh: Gwasanaeth Tân ac Achub De Cymru) is the fire and rescue service covering the ten Welsh principal areas of Blaenau Gwent, Bridgend, Caerphilly, Cardiff, Merthyr Tydfil, Monmouthshire, Newport, Rhondda Cynon Taf, Torfaen and Vale of Glamorgan.

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service
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Operational area
CountryUnited Kingdom
RegionSouth Wales
Agency overview
Established1996 (1996)
Chief Fire OfficerHuw Jakeway
Facilities and equipment
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SWFRS was created in 1996 by the Local Government (Wales) Act 1994, which reformed Welsh local government. It was created by a merger of the previous fire brigades of Mid Glamorgan, South Glamorgan and Gwent. It covers an area of around 1,100 square miles (2,800 km2) with a population of around 1.4 million.[1]

The fire authority which runs the service is a joint-board made up of councillors from the ten principal areas covered by the service.

Fire stations and appliancesEdit

Station Callsign Station Name Duty System Appliances Appliance Callsigns
S01 Bridgend WDS/RDS/CC* 2x WrL, HRT, L4P, ARU WS01P1, WS01P2, WS01L8, WS01R3, WS01T3, WS01R5
S02 Porthcawl RDS WrL WS02P1
S03 Kenfig Hill RDS WrL, WrB WS03P1 WS03W7
S04 Cowbridge RDS WrL, L4P WS04P1, WS04L8
S05 Pencoed RDS WrL, EPU WS05P1 WS05S2
S06 Ogmore Vale RDS WrL WS06P1
S07 Pontycymmer RDS WrL, WS07P1
S08 Maesteg WDS/RDS/CC* 2x WrL, L4P, IRU WS08P1, WS08P2, WS08L8, WS08H9
S09 Treorchy RDS WrL, L4P WS09P1, WS09L8
S10 Tonypandy WDS/RDS/CC* 2x WrL, L4P, GPV, BASU*, WelU* WS10P1, WS10P2, WS10L8, WS10T1, WS10S1, WS10S2
S11 Ferndale RDS WrL WS11P1
S13 Gilfach Goch RDS WrL WS13P1
S14 Pontyclun RDS WrL WS14P1
S15 Pontypridd WDS/RDS/CC* 2x WrL, L4P, WrB*, HRT WS15P1, WS15P2, WS15L8, WS15R5, WS15W7
S16 Hirwaun RDS WrL WS16P1
S17 Aberdare WDS/RDS/CC* 2x WrL, L4P, EPU WS17P1, WS17P2, WS17L8, WS17S2
S18 Abercynon RDS WrL WS18P1
S19 Llantwit Major RDS WrL WS19P1
S20 Barry WDS/RDS/CC* 2x WrL, WrB*, SRU, WIU+IRBt WS20P1, WS20P2, WS20W7, WS20T1, WS20R1, WS20B1
S21 Aberbargoed WDS/RDS 2x WrL, WrC, L4P, BASU WS21P1, WS21P2, WS21W7, WS21L8, WS21S1
S22 Penarth WDS/CC* WrL, WIU+IRBt* WS22P1, WS22B1 (IRBt based at Cardiff Bay Barrage)
S24 Caerphilly WDS/RDS/CC* 2x WrL, L4P, GPV, ICU WS24P1, WS24P2, WS24L8, WS24T1, WS24C1
S25 Treharris RDS WrL WS25P1
S26 Merthyr Tydfil WDS/RDS/CC* 2x WrL, ALP, HRT, WrC, GPV, IRU L4P WS26P1, WS26P2, WS26A4, WS26R5, WS26W7, WS26T1, WS26H9 WS26L8
S27 Tredegar RDS WrL, L4P WS27P1, WS27L8
S28 Rhymney RDS WrL, L4P WS28P1, WS28L8
S30 Abercarn RDS/CC* WrL, L4P, GPV WS30P1, WS30L8, WS30T1
S31 Risca RDS WrL WS31P1
S32 Cwmbran WDS/CC* WrL, PM+MDU*, GPV, 2x PM+HVP, Cadet WS32P1, WS32C1, WS32T9, WS32T1 WS32T9, Fire Cadet Appliance
S33 New Inn WDS/CC* WrL, CIU*, GPV WS33P1, WS33H1, WS33T1
S34 Abersychan RDS WrL, L4P WS34P1, WS34L8
S35 Abertillery RDS/CC* WrL, L4P WS35P1, WS35L8
S37 Ebbw Vale WDS/CC* WrL, HRT, SRU*, 2x WIU+IRBt* WS37P1, WS37R1, WS37R5, WS37B1, WS37B2
S38 Brynmawr RDS WrL, L4P WS38P1, WS38L8
S39 Blaenavon RDS WrL, L4P WS39P1, WS39L8
S40 Abergavenny RDS 2x WrL, L4P, GPV, Cadet WS40P1, WS40P2, WS40L8, WS40T1, Fire Cadet Appliance
S41 Monmouth RDS 2x WrL, L4P WS41P1, WS41P2, WS41L8
S42 Usk RDS 1x WrL, L4P WS42P1, WS42L8
S43 Chepstow RDS 2x WrL, L4P WS43P1, WS43P2, WS43L8
S44 Caldicot RDS 1x WrL, L4P, GPV WS44P1, WS44L8, WS44T1
S45 Malpas, Newport WDS/CC* WrL, SRU, HRT, WIU+IRBt*, GPV, Cadet WS45P1, WS45R5, WS45R1, WS45T1, WS45T7, WS45T8, WS45T9, WS45B1, Fire Cadet Appliance
S46 Maindee, Newport WDS/CC* WrL, ALP, WrC, 2x RRIU WS46P1, WS46A4, WS46W7 WS46R3, WS46S3
S47 Duffryn, Newport WDS/CC* WrL, PM+HVP, IRU* WS47P1, WS47H9
S49 Whitchurch, Cardiff WDS/CC* WrL, L4P, FoT*, DIM, MTRU WS49P1, WS49L8, WS49S6, WS49S1, WS49T3, WS47H8
S50 Roath, Cardiff WDS WrL,2x GPV, Cadet WS50P1, Fire Cadet Appliance
S51 Cardiff Central WDS 2x WrL, ALP, GPV WS51P1, WS51P2, WS51A4, WS51T1
S52 Ely, Cardiff WDS WrL, HRT, GPV WS52P1, WS52R5, WS52T1
  • WDS: Wholetime duty system
  • RDS: Retained "on-call" duty system
  • CC: Cross-crewing system in operation

Fire appliance glossary / callsignsEdit

  • Water Ladder (WrL): P1/P2
  • Light 4x4 Pump (L4P): L8
  • Heavy Rescue Tender (HRT): R5
  • Aerial Ladder Platform (ALP): A4
  • Water Carrier (WrC): W7
  • Water Bowser (WrB): W7
  • Foam Tender (FoT): S6
  • Prime Mover + Hose Layer Unit (PM+HLU): W2
  • Prime Mover + High Volume Pump (PM+HVP): W9
  • Prime Mover + High Volume Hose Layer (PM+HVHL): W8
  • Breathing Apparatus Support Unit (BASU): S1
  • Welfare Unit (WelU): S2
  • Salvage Unit (SalU): S1
  • General Purpose Vehicle (GPV): T1
  • Incident Command & Control Unit (ICCU): C1
  • Special Rescue Unit (SRU): R1
  • Technical Rescue Unit (TRU): R3
  • Line Rescue Unit (LiRU): R4
  • Water Incident Unit (WIU) + Inshore Rescue Boat (IRBt): B1
  • Flatbed Unit (FltbdU): T3
  • Road/Rail Incident Unit (RRIU): S3
  • Chemical Incident Unit (CIU): H1
  • Environmental Protection Unit (EPU): H2

Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear response:

  • Detection Identification & Monitoring Unit (DIM): H8
  • Incident Response Unit (IRU): H9
  • Marauding Terrorist Rescue Unit (MTRU): ??
  • Prime Mover (PM) + Mass Decontamination Unit (MDU): T9

Urban Search and Rescue (USAR):

  • General Purpose Vehicle (GPV): T1
  • Prime Mover (PM): T7/T8/T9


  • Module 1 – Technical Search Equipment
  • Module 2 – Heavy Transport, Confined Space & Hot Cutting
  • Module 3 – Breaching & Breaking Equipment
  • Module 4 – Multi Purpose Vehicle
  • Module 5 – Shoring Operations

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