South East Wales Transport Alliance

South East Wales Transport Alliance (Sewta) was a consortium established by the 10 local authorities in South East Wales to promote and develop transport strategies and projects in the region. Founded on 1 April 2003, Sewta worked in close liaison with partners representing public transport operators.[1]

A video by the South East Wales Transport Commission; November 2020

Sewta was stood down on 19 September 2014.[2]


The members of Sewta were:


The local authorities worked in partnership with:

Role and AimsEdit

The main functions of Sewta were to:

  • prepare regional transportation strategies, plans and programmes
  • apply for external funding to carry out those programmes
  • act for the Councils in respect of programme actions resourced through that funding
  • respond to consultation documents having a regional dimension
  • advise the Councils on transportation issues.

Sewta did not have a responsibility for highway and road safety issues, nor did Sewta own or operate buses and trains.


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