South Carolina pound

The pound was the currency of South Carolina until 1793. Initially, the British pound circulated, supplemented from 1703 by local paper money.[1] Although these notes were denominated in pounds, shillings and pence, they were worth less than sterling, with 1 South Carolina shilling = 8 pence sterling. The first issues were known as "Proclamation Money". They were replaced by the "Lawful Money" issue in 1748, with 1 Lawful shilling = 4⅔ Proclamation shillings.

South Carolina pound
South Carolina pound
US-Colonial (SC-149)-South Carolina-10 April 1778.jpg
10s Colonial currency from South Carolina (10 April 1778).
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The State of South Carolina issued Continental currency denominated in £sd and Spanish dollars with 1 dollar = 32½ shillings (8 dollars = 13 pounds). The continental currency was replaced by the U.S. dollar at a rate of 1000 continental dollars = 1 U.S. dollar. (See hyperinflation.)



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