South Carolina Highway 8

South Carolina Highway 8 (SC 8) is a 44.030-mile (70.859 km) primary state highway in the U.S. state of South Carolina. It travels from U.S. Route 276 (US 276) in northern Greenville County to US 25 and SC 418 in Ware Place. It travels physically north and south though it is signed as a west-east highway with its western terminus at US 276 and its eastern terminus at US 25/SC 418.

South Carolina Highway 8 marker
South Carolina Highway 8
Route information
Maintained by SCDOT
Length44.030 mi[1][2][3] (70.859 km)
Existed1928[citation needed]–present
Major junctions
West end US 276 in northern Greenville County
East end US 25 / SC 418 in Ware Place
CountiesGreenville, Pickens, Anderson
Highway system
South Carolina 7.svg SC 7South Carolina 9.svg SC 9

Route descriptionEdit

SC 8 begins in Ware Place at the junction of US 25 and SC 418. From here, it travels west for about four miles (6.4 km) when it crosses the Saluda River and enters the town of Pelzer in Anderson County. It meets SC 20 at the town limit of Pelzer and after crossing SC 20 it enters West Pelzer.[4]

After exiting West Pelzer, it runs northwest for two miles (3.2 km) and has an interchange with US 29. About one mile (1.6 km) past US 29, the highway has an interchange with Interstate 85 (I-85) at its exit 32. Another mile past this interchange, SC 8 intersects SC 81, which runs concurrent with SC 8 for two miles (3 km). SC 8 turns to the west and crosses SC 88 and winds its way to the western terminus of SC 86.[4]

Here, it turns to the northwest and crosses into Pickens County and runs toward Easley. Soon after entering the city limits of Easley, it meets SC 135 and overlaps it for one-half mile (0.80 km). SC 8 then turns to the northwest and crosses US 123, but has no access to the highway directly. After one mile (1.6 km), it intersects SC 93 just west of downtown Easley. From here, it is eight miles (13 km) to Pickens, and for this duration, the road is four-laned. In downtown Pickens, SC 8 meets SC 183 and overlaps it for a half-mile.[4]

SC 8 continues straight and runs toward Pumpkintown, along the way meeting the western terminus of SC 186 and the northern terminus of SC 135. In Pumpkintown, it crosses SC 288 and soon meets SC 11, which it has a concurrency with for about a half-mile. SC 8 then turns north and meets its end at US 276 in northern Greenville County.[4]


The first alignment of SC 8 ran from the Georgia state line through Anderson, Greenville, Greer, Spartanburg, Gaffney, and Blacksburg into North Carolina near Grover. This alignment connected directly to Georgia State Route 8 at the Georgia state line. In 1927, this became US 29, and SC 8 was put onto a completely different alignment, which was previously SC 13 (which was reused on former SC 17). With a few minor changes, this is today's SC 8.[citation needed]

Major intersectionsEdit

Greenville0.0000.000  US 276 (Geer Highway) – Caesars Head, Cleveland, Travelers RestWestern terminus
Pickens1.3602.189  SC 11 north (Cherokee Foothills National Scenic Highway) – GreenvilleWestern end of SC 11 concurrency
1.9503.138  SC 11 south (Cherokee Foothills National Scenic Highway) – Table RockEastern end of SC 11 concurrency
5.7209.205  SC 288 (Table Rock Road) – Marietta
6.26010.074  SC 135 south (Dacusville Highway) – EasleyNorthern terminus of SC 135
11.62018.701  SC 186 east (Earls Bridge Road) – DacusvilleWestern terminus of SC 186
Pickens14.46823.284  SC 183 east (Farrs Bridge Road) – GreenvilleWestern end of SC 183 concurrency
14.95024.060  SC 183 west (East Main Street) – WalhallaEastern end of SC 183 concurrency
Easley21.86035.180  SC 93 (Liberty Drive / West Main Street) – Liberty, Clemson
22.08035.534Folger Avenue east (SC 8 Conn. east)Western terminus of SC 8 Conn. and Folger Avenue
23.10037.176  SC 135 (Pendleton Street) / Pope Field RoadWestern end of SC 135 concurrency
23.60037.981  SC 135 south (Anderson Highway) – AndersonEastern end of SC 135 concurrency
Anderson27.58044.386  SC 86 eastWestern terminus of SC 86
30.94049.793  SC 88 west (Old Greenville Highway) – PendletonEastern terminus of SC 88
31.44050.598  SC 81 north (Moore Road) – GreenvilleWestern end of SC 81 concurrency
33.41053.768  SC 81 south / Highway 17 – AndersonEastern end of SC 81 concurrency
  I-85 / Guyton Road / Durham Road – Greenville, AtlantaI-85 exit 32
36.24058.323   US 29 to I-85 north – Greenville, AndersonGrade-separated interchange
PelzerWest Pelzer line39.56063.666  SC 20 / Depot Road – Williamston, Piedmont
GreenvilleWare Place44.03070.859   US 25 (Augusta Road) / SC 418 east (Old Hundred Road) – Fountain Inn, Greenville, GreenwoodEastern terminus of SC 8; western terminus of SC 418
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Easley connector routeEdit



South Carolina Highway 8 Connector
Length0.190 mi[6] (0.306 km)

South Carolina Highway 8 Connector (SC 8 Conn.) is a connector route in the west-central part of Easley that connects SC 8 (South 5th Street) with SC 93 (East Main Street). The connector route is not signed along SC 8 or SC 93, but there is signage along its actual path. The entire length is known as Folger Avenue.

SC 8 Conn. and Folger Avenue begin at an intersection with the SC 8 mainline (South 5th Street) and travel to the northeast. They curve to the east-northeast and reach their eastern terminus, an intersection with SC 93 (East Main Street).

The entire route is in Easley, Pickens County.

0.0000.000South 5th Street (SC 8)Western terminus of SC 8 Conn. and Folger Avenue
0.1900.306East Main Street (SC 93)Eastern terminus of SC 8 Conn. and Folger Avenue
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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