Sous River

The Sous River or Souss River (Berber: Asif en Sus, Arabic: واد سوس) is a river in mid-southern Morocco located in the Sous region. It originates in the High Atlas and flows west passing Aoulouz, Taroudannt, Oulad Teima, Inezgane and Aït Melloul. It forms a basin which is protected from the desertic climate of the Sahara by the Anti-Atlas mountains and is one of Morocco's most fertile regions.[1]

Sous River
Asif en Sus
Taroudant maroc.jpg
Sous River near Taroudannt
Physical characteristics
 • locationHigh Atlas
 • location
Atlantic Ocean
Length180 km (110 mi)

The Aoulouz Dam is the main dam on this river.

Sous River mouth near Agadir

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Coordinates: 30°22′40″N 9°23′0″W / 30.37778°N 9.38333°W / 30.37778; -9.38333