Soul of Chogokin

Soul of Chogokin (SOC) (超合金魂, Chōgōkin Damashii) or "Soul of Super-alloy", is a popular line of adult collector's toys produced by the Japanese company Bandai.

Soul of Chogokin
TypeRobot Die-Cast Figure
MaterialsPlastic, Die-cast metal
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The line, which began in 1997, focuses almost exclusively on mecha (robots) taken from various 1970s and 1980s anime series, although the line has diverged from this on a number of occasions, most notably the release of several mecha from the mid-1990s anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. More recently, the line has expanded further to include 1970s mecha from Super Sentai and other tokusatsu series, such as the Battle Fever Robo from Battle Fever J and Leopardon from the Japanese TV adaptation of Spider-Man.

In 2017, Bandai released yet another Super Sentai mecha Daizyujin from Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger which became the first Super Sentai series adapted for American audience under the name Power Rangers as the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. This would mark the first Power Rangers Megazord to be given the Soul of Chogokin treatment. In 2018, Gipsy Danger from Pacific Rim became the first non-Japanese mecha to receive the SOC treatment. Also in the same year, Bandai initiated the "F.A. (Full Action)" sub-line beginning with Voltes V; the F.A. sub-line sacrifices transformation and combination gimmicks in favor of anime-accurate proportions and dynamic articulation.[1]


Soul of ChogokinEdit

Number Figure From the Series Release Date
GX-01 Mazinger Z Mazinger Z 1997.12
GX-02 Great Mazinger Great Mazinger 1998.11
GX-03 Combattler V Chōdenji Robo Combattler V 1999.06
GX-04 Grendizer Grendizer 2000.02
GX-05 Gaiking Gaiking 2001.04
GX-06 Getter 1, Getter 2, Getter 3 Getter Robo 2001.11
GX-07 Mazinger Z (OVA) Mazinkaiser 2001.12
GX-08 Aphrodai A Mazinger Z 2002.01
GX-09 Minerva X Mazinger Z 2002.02
GX-10 Boss Borot Mazinger Z 2002.03
GX-11 Dianan A Mazinger Z 2002.06
GX-12 Venus A Great Mazinger 2002.06
GX-13 Dancouga Dancouga – Super Beast Machine God 2003.02
GX-14 Eva 01 Test Type Neon Genesis Evangelion 2003.06
GX-15 Eva 02 Production Model Neon Genesis Evangelion 2003.08
GX-16 Eva 00 "Kai" Neon Genesis Evangelion 2003.08
GX-17 Eva 00 "Yellow" Neon Genesis Evangelion 2003.09
GX-18 Getter Dragon Getter Robo G 2003.11
GX-19 Getter Liger Getter Robo G 2003.12
GX-20 Getter Poseidon Getter Robo G 2003.12
GX-21 Eva 03 Production Model Neon Genesis Evangelion 2004.03
GX-22 Eva 04 Production Model Neon Genesis Evangelion 2004.03
GX-23 Zambot 3 Invincible Super Man Zambot 3 2004.05
GX-24 Tetsujin 28 Tetsujin 28-go 2004.09
GX-25 Garada K7 Mazinger Z 2004.11
GX-26 Doublas M2 Mazinger Z 2004.12
GX-27 Gaiking Gaiking 2005.05
GX-28 Xabungle Xabungle 2005.09
GX-29 Black Ox Tetsujin 28-go 2005.11
GX-30 Battle Fever Robo Battle Fever J 2006.03
GX-31 Voltes V Chōdenji Machine Voltes V 2006.05
GX-32 Gold Lightan Gold Lightan 2006.07
GX-33 Leopardon Spider-Man (tokusatsu) 2006.08
GX-34 Gunbuster Gunbuster 2006.11
GX-35 Walker Gallia Combat Mecha Xabungle 2007.01
GX-36 Ideon Space Runaway Ideon 2007.03
GX-37 King Joe Ultra Seven 2007.05
GX-38 Iron Gear Xabungle 2007.09
GX-39 Baikanfu Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos 2007.11
GX-40 God Mars Six God Combination Godmars 2008.03
GX-41 Raideen Raideen 2008.04
GX-42 Kotetsu Jeeg Kotetsushin Jeeg 2008.07
GX-43 Daimos Tosho Daimos 2008.09
GX-44 Tetsujin 28 (1980 ver.) New Tetsujin 28 2008.11
GX-45 Mazinger Z (Shin Mazinger) Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact! 2009.06
GX-46 Dygenguar & Außenseiter Super Robot Wars Original Generation 2009.06
GX-47 Energer Z Restyling Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact! 2009.08
GX-48 The Big O The Big O 2009.09
GX-49 Mazinger Z (Shin Mazinger + Big Bang Punch Ver.) Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact! 2009.09
GX-50 Combattler V (10th Year Anniversary) Combattler V 2009.12
GX-51 Getter Dragon (OVA) Getter Robo Armageddon 2009.11
GX-52 Getter 1 (OVA) Getter Robo Armageddon 2010.01
GX-53 Daitarn 3 Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3 2010.04
GX-54 Tobikage (Combine VER.) & Kurojishi Ninja Senshi Tobikage 2010.07
GX-55 Tobikage (Normal VER.) & Houraioh Ninja Senshi Tobikage 2010.09
GX-56 Zerokage & Bakuryu Ninja Senshi Tobikage 2010.11
GX-57 Yamato Space Battleship Yamato 2010.11
GX-58 Andromeda Space Battleship Yamato 2011.02
GX-59 Daltanious Mirai Robo Daltanious 2011.04
GX-60 God Sigma Space Emperor God Sigma 2011.07
GX-61 Daioja Saikyo Robo Daioja 2012.04
GX-62 Danguard Ace Wakusei Robo Danguard Ace 2013.07
GX-63 General Franky One Piece 2013.10
GX-64 Yamato (2199 Ver.) Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2199 2014.01
GX-65 Daitarn 3 (Renewal Color) Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3 2014.04
GX-66 Trider G7 Trider G7 2014.06
GX-67 Arcadia Arcadia of My Youth: Endless Orbit SSX 2014.10
GX-68 GaoGaiGar The King of Braves GaoGaiGar 2014.12
GX-69 Goldymarg The King of Braves GaoGaiGar 2015.08
GX-70 Mazinger Z DC Mazinger Z 2016.08
GX-71 GoLion/Voltron Beast King GoLion/Voltron 2016.12
GX-72 Daizyujin/Megazord Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2017.04
GX-73 Great Mazinger DC Great Mazinger 2017.06
GX-74 Getter 1 DC Getter Robo 2017.06
GX-75 Mazinkaiser Mazinkaiser 2017.08
GX-76 Grendizer DC UFO Robo Grendizer 2018.03
GX-77 Gipsy Danger Pacific Rim 2018.02
GX-78 Dragon Caesar/Dragonzord Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2018.07
GX-79 Voltes V Full Action Chōdenji Machine Voltes V 2018.08
GX-80 N-Nautilus Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water 2018.09
GX-81 Zambo Ace Invincible Super Man Zambot 3 2018.10
GX-82 Daitarn 3 Full Action Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3 2018.12
GX-83 Daimos Full Action Tosho Daimos 2019.01
GX-84 Zambot 3 Full Action Invincible Super Man Zambot 3 2019.08
GX-85 King Brachion / Titanus Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2019.02
GX-86 Yamato (2202 Ver.) Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2202 2019.03
GX-87 Getter Emperor Getter Robo Saga 2019.07
GX-88 Dairugger / Vehicle Voltron Armored Fleet Dairugger XV/Voltron 2019.10
GX-89 Gamillas Warship Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2199 / Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2202 2019.11
GX-90 Combattler V Full Action Chōdenji Robo Combattler V 2020.03
GX-91 Getter 2 and Getter 3 DC Getter Robo 2020.01
GX-92 Ideon Full Action Space Runaway Ideon 2020.05
GX-93 Arcadia (TV ver.) Space Pirate Captain Harlock 2020.11


Some accessories, die-cast weapon or special items...

Number Figure Edition
GX-01X Motorized Hangar Hangar for Mazinger Z
GX-02? Great Mazinger Box Metallic box display for Great Mazinger
GX-03? Com-Battler V Kunaï Weapon "Kuna¨" in metallic version
GX-04X Drill Spacer & Marine Spacer Add-ons to Grendizer (included in GX-04S)
GX-06? Getter Robo Mobile strap Cell phone strap with pictures of each getter
n/a Nambara Base Display base for GX-50 Combattler V
GX-48? Big O Expansion set Sold by Bandai Tamashii web site
GX-68/GX-69 Star GaoGaiGar Option Set Limited Edition sold by Bandai Tamashii
GX-76X Spazer Set
GX-76X2 Drill & Marine Spazer
GX-XX01 Secret Super Weapons Set 01 Weapons pack for DC figures

Black versions, recolors and renewal versionsEdit

Bandai released lots of variants of the original releases. Most are just repaints, while some of them have a totally different sculpt or add more features to the original SoC.

Number Figure Edition Release Date
GX-01B Mazinger Z Black version 1998.09
GX-01R Mazinger Z Restyling 2002.11
GX-02B Great Mazinger Black version 1999.07
GX-02R Great Mazinger Restyling 2002.11
GX-03B Combattler V Black version 2000.07
GX-04B UFO Robo Grendizer Black version 2001.06
GX-04S UFO Robo Grendizer Perfect Set 2002.12
GX-05B Daiku Maryu Gaiking Black version 2002.03
GX-05R Daiku Maryu Gaiking Repaint version 2004.03
GX-06M Getter Robo Training version 2001.11
GX-08MA Aphrodai A Mazinger Angels 2004.09
GX-09MA Minerva X Mazinger Angels 2004.12
GX-10B Boss Borot Black version 2002.12
GX-11MA Dianan A Mazinger Angels 2004.10
GX-12MA Venus A Mazinger Angels 2004.11
GX-13R Dancouga Renewal version 2017.10
GX-23A Zambot 3 Zamboace 2004.XX
GX-24M Tetsujin 28 Blue Metallic version 2008.10
GX-28R Blue Gale Xabungle Real Color version 2005.12
GX-29R Black Ox Renewal Version 2020.08
GX-31V Voltes V Respect for Volt In Box 2008.12
GX-32SB Gold Lightan Silver and Black Versions 2007.08
GX-32G24 Gold Lightan 24K Gold Plated Finish Version 2018.05
GX-33R Leopardon & Marveler Summon Set 2020.09
GX-34R Gunbuster Buster Alloy Version 2015.09
GX-37B King Joe Black version 2008.02
GX-41B Raideen Black version 2009.03
GX-41S Raideen Fade-in set 2008.04
GX-44S Tetsujin 28 & Black OX Tetsujin 28 with Black OX Pack 2008.11
GX-48K The Big O Kurogane Finish (Full Package) 2018.01
GX-49G Mazinger Z Gold version 2010.02
GX-59R Future Robot Daltanious Renewal Version 2020.07
GX-60R God Emperor God Sigma Renewal Version 2018.09
GX-70D Mazinger Z Damaged Version 2017.11
GX-70SP Mazinger Z DC Anime Color Version 2018.09
GX-70SPD Mazinger Z Damaged Anime Color Version 2019.12
GX-73SP Great Mazinger DC Anime Color Version 2019.09

Limited itemsEdit

Even though they were never too difficult to find, the following versions were never released in shops. Most of them required the use of coupons found in manga/magazines/CDs. Some were released in fairs/exhibitions.

Number Figure Edition Release Date
GX-01RG Mazinger Z Restyling Gold. Tamashii Expo 2004 Pre-Exhibition 2003.04
GX-01R+ Mazinger Z Weathered paint. Tamashii Nation 2008. Limited to 3000 pieces. 2008.03
GX-07E Energer Z Sold at the "40th Anniversary of Go Nagai's Works" exhibit 2008.12
GX-07I Iron Z Mail-in coupon from the manga "Mazinger Z Angels (魔神天使 Z)", vol. 1 2008.01
GX-08MAW Aphrodai A Mazinger Angels Snow White. Mail-in coupon from Magazine Z 2004.09
GX-09MAB Minerva X Mazinger Angels La Sirene De Noir
GX-09SS Minerva X Mazinger Angels Shining Shadow. Mail-in coupon from the manga "Mazinger Z Angels (魔神天使 Z)", vol. 2 2009
GX-11MAM Dianan A Mazinger Angels Marine Blue Mermaid
GX-12MAG Venus A Mazinger Angels Queen of Gold
GX-24 (DVD) Tetsujin 28 DVD Special Edition. Mail-in coupon. 2007
GX-24N Tetsujin 28 Naked version. Sold at Spring 2009 Tamashii Nation Expo 2009.03
GX-40G Gaia Real Color version. Mail-in coupon from the book "Soul of Chokogin Project (超合金魂計画)", vol. 3 2009.10
GX-45A Mazinger Z Atami Night version. Sold at Autumn 2009 Tamashii Nations Expo 2009.10
GX-47T Energer Z Test Type. Mail-in coupon from the book "Soul of Chokogin Project Z (超合金魂計画 Z)" 2010.04
GX-47N Energer Z Normal Color version. Sold at Autumn 2010 Tamashii Nations Expo 2010.10
?? Black Wing P-Bandai Exclusive 2021.01

Special itemsEdit

The following special items were released in predetermined limited numbers. They have all reached incredibly high prices in secondary market.

Number Figure Edition Limited to Release Date
GX-01RB Mazinger Z Restyling Black chrome. DVD Limited Edition 1000
GX-01 (黒金) Mazinger Z Kurogane no Shiro (黒金の城). Reward from the book "Iron Castle: Mazinger Z Disassembly" (鉄の城:マジンガーZ解体) 10
GX-06G1 Getter 1 Metallic version. Sold at San Diego Comic Con 2008 500 2008.07.28
GX-11B Dianan A Black. Questionnaire reward from Dengeki Hobby Magazine 2 2004
GX-13R Dancougar Real Color version. Sold at the Chogokin EXPO 2004 (Renewal version also coded as GX-13R) 500 2004
GX-18M Getter Dragon Metallic version. Diamond Comic Distributor 1 2006
GX-18SP Getter Dragon Shine Spark. Award in Hyper Hobby Magazine's Getter Gattai Contest 1
GX-45C Mazinger Z Comic Color version. Sold at Go Nagai Wonderland Museum opening 100 2010.04

Soul of Chogokin SPECEdit

The SPEC series started in 2007 as an expansion series to the original SoC line, it is designed to showcase robot characters from the 1980s onward.

Number Figure From the Series Release Date
XS-01 EVA 01 Test Type Neon Genesis Evangelion 01.2007
XS-02 SPT Layzner SPT Layzner 02.2007
XS-03 EVA 01 Movie Version Rebuild of Evangelion 09.2007
XS-04 EVA 00 Movie Version Rebuild of Evangelion 10.2007
XS-LE EVA 01 Sync Ratio of 400% Neon Genesis Evangelion 2007
XS-05 Dragonar-1 Opening Silhouette Metal Armor Dragonar 10.2007
XS-06 Dragonar-1 & Cavalier 0 Metal Armor Dragonar 12.2007
XS-07 Black Sarena Martian Successor Nadesico: The Motion Picture – Prince of Darkness 03.2008
XS-08 EVA 02 Production Model Neon Genesis Evangelion 04.2008
XS-09 EVA 00' Proto Type Neon Genesis Evangelion 05.2008
XS-01R EVA 01 Renewal Version Neon Genesis Evangelion 06.2008
XS-10 L-Gaim Mk-I Heavy Metal L-Gaim 08.2008
n/a YATENKOU & MUDZURA Martian Successor Nadesico: The Motion Picture – Prince of Darkness 12.2008
XS-11 Falguen Metal Armor Dragonar 01.2009
XS-12 Tekkaman Blade & Pegas Tekkaman Blade 07.2009
XS-13 EVA 01 Eva 2.0 Version Rebuild of Evangelion 12.2009
XS-14 Dragonar-2 Metal Armor Dragonar 12.2010
XS-15 Dragonar-3 Metal Armor Dragonar 12.2010
XS-16 Dragoon Metal Armor Dragonar 09.2011
XS-17 Dragonar-1 Custom Metal Armor Dragonar 04.2012

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