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Black Saint and Soul Note are two affiliated Italian independent record labels. Since their conception in the 1970s, they have released albums from a variety of influential jazz musicians, particularly in the genre of free jazz.

Black Saint/Soul Note
Founded1975 (1975)
FounderGiacomo Pellicciotti
Distributor(s)North Country (in the U.S.)
GenreAvant-garde jazz, free jazz
Country of originItaly

History edit

Black Saint was established in 1975 by Giacomo Pelliciotti and devoted to recording avant-garde musicians who might not have an opportunity elsewhere.[1] In 1979, a sister label, Soul Note, was established as a home for artists who, while being no less creative, might be considered slightly closer to the mainstream.[1]

The labels specialize in avant-garde jazz stemming from the free jazz tradition.[1] Some of its roster of artists were members of the Chicago-based music association Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians and the St. Louis-based multidisciplinary arts collectives Black Artists Group and the Human Arts Ensemble.

The company was based in Tribiano, Italy. Many of the recordings were made in Milan, as the performers passed through the area on tour,[2] although many leading Italian musicians, such as Giorgio Gaslini, have also recorded for the label.[1] Giovanni Bonandrini's son Flavio ran the company until its sale in 2008, the elder Bonandrini having retired, and has supervised many recording sessions in New York City.

Starting in 1984, Black Saint/Soul Note won the Down Beat Critics Poll for best record label for six subsequent years until they were replaced by Blue Note in 1990.[3]

Cam Jazz acquired the company in 2008.[4]

Discography edit

Black Saint edit

Catalog number Artist Title
BSR 0001 Billy Harper Black Saint
BSR 0002 Archie Shepp A Sea of Faces
BSR 0003 Muhal Richard Abrams featuring Malachi Favors Sightsong
BSR 0004 Don Pullen featuring Sam Rivers Capricorn Rising
BSR 0005 Frank Lowe The Flam
BSR 0006/7 The 360 Degree Music Experience In: Sanity
BSR 0008 Steve Lacy, Roswell Rudd, Kent Carter, Beaver Harris Trickles
BSR 0009 Oliver Lake Holding Together
BSR 0010 Don Pullen Healing Force
BSR 0011 Enrico Rava Il Giro Del Giorno in 80 Mondi
BSR 0012 Marcello Melis, Enrico Rava, Roswell Rudd, Don Moye, Gruppo Rubano The New Village on the Left
BSR 0013 Don Cherry, Dewey Redman, Charlie Haden, Ed Blackwell Old and New Dreams
BSR 0014 Hamiet Bluiett Resolution
BSR 0015 Julius Hemphill with Abdul Wadud and Don Moye Raw Materials and Residuals
BSR 0016 George Lewis Shadowgraph
BSR 0017 Muhal Richard Abrams 1-OQA+19
BSR 0018 David Murray Interboogieology
BSR 0019 Don Pullen, Chico Freeman, Fred Hopkins, Bobby Battle Warriors
BSR 0020 Lester Bowie The 5th Power
BSR 0021 Charles "Bobo" Shaw Human Arts Ensemble featuring Joseph Bowie Junk Trap
BSR 0022 Leroy Jenkins The Legend of Ai Glatson
BSR 0023 Marcello Melis Free to Dance
BSR 0024 Max Roach featuring Anthony Braxton Birth and Rebirth
BSR 0025 Andrew Cyrille Metamusicians' Stomp
BSR 0026 George Lewis & Douglas Ewart Jila - Save! Mon. - The Imaginary Suite
BSR 0027 World Saxophone Quartet Steppin' with the World Saxophone Quartet
BSR 0028 Don Pullen featuring Don Moye Milano Strut
BSR 0029 George Lewis Homage to Charles Parker
BSR 0030 Andrew Cyrille, Jeanne Lee & Jimmy Lyons Nuba
BSR 0031 String Trio of New York First String
BSR 0032 Muhal Richard Abrams Spihumonesty
BSR 0033 Leroy Jenkins & Muhal Richard Abrams Lifelong Ambitions
BSR 0034 Air Live Air
BSR 0035 Steve Lacy Quintet Troubles
BSR 0036 Chico Freeman No Time Left
BSR 0037 Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre Quartet Peace and Blessings
BSR 0038 Joseph Jarman, Don Pullen & Don Moye The Magic Triangle
BSR 0039 David Murray Trio Sweet Lovely
BSR 0040 Julius Hemphill Flat-Out Jump Suite
BSR 0041 Muhal Richard Abrams Mama and Daddy
BSR 0042 Joseph Jarman – Don Moye featuring Johnny Dyani Black Paladins
BSR 0043 Steve Colson Unity Troupe No Reservation
BSR 0044 Oliver Lake Quintet Prophet
BSR 0045 David Murray Octet Ming
BSR 0046 World Saxophone Quartet W.S.Q.
BSR 0047 The John Carter Quintet Night Fire
BSR 0048 String Trio of New York Area Code 212
BSR 0049 Air Air Mail
BSR 0050 Roscoe Mitchell and the Sound Ensemble 3 x 4 Eye
BSR 0051 Muhal Richard Abrams featuring Amina Claudine Myers Duet
BSR 0052 Joseph Jarman – Don Moye Earth Passage - Density
BSR 0053 Leo Smith & New Dalta Ahkri Go in Numbers
BSR 0054 Oliver Lake Quartet Clevont Fitzhubert
BSR 0055 David Murray Octet Home
BSR 0056 World Saxophone Quartet Revue
BSR 0057 John Carter Octet Dauwhe
BSR 0058 String Trio of New York Common Goal
BSR 0059 Wayne Horvitz, Butch Morris & William Parker Some Order, Long Understood
BSR 0060 Leroy Jenkins Mixed Quintet
BSR 0061 Muhal Richard Abrams Blues Forever
BSR 0062 John Lindberg Quintet Dimension 5
BSR 0063 World Bass Violin Ensemble BASSically Yours
BSR 0064 Sam Rivers Winds of Manhattan Colours
BSR 0065 David Murray Octet Murray's Steps
BSR 0066 Anthony Braxton Four Compositions (Quartet) 1983
BSR 0067 Jimmy Lyons Quintet Wee Sneezawee
BSR 0068 String Trio of New York Rebirth of a Feeling
BSR 0069 Marilyn Crispell Quartet Live in Berlin
BSR 0070 Roscoe Mitchell Roscoe Mitchell and the Sound and Space Ensembles
BSR 0071 Muhal Richard Abrams Orchestra Rejoicing with the Light
BSR 0072 John Lindberg Trio Give and Take
BSR 0073 Marcello Melis Angedras'
BSR 0074 Oliver Lake Quintet Expandable Language
BSR 0075 David Murray Quartet Morning Song
BSR 0076 Rova Saxophone Quartet Favorite Street
BSR 0077 World Saxophone Quartet Live in Zurich
BSR 0078 Amina Claudine Myers Trio The Circle of Time
BSR 0079 Keshavan Maslak with Charles Moffett Blaster Master
BSR 0080 Don Pullen Evidence of Things Unseen
BSR 0081 Muhal Richard Abrams Octet View from Within
BSR 0082 John Lindberg Trilogy of Works for Eleven Instrumentalists
BSR 0083 Leroy Jenkins' Sting Urban Blues
BSR 0084 New Air Live at Montreal International Jazz Festival
BSR 0085 David Murray Big Band Live at Sweet Basil Volume 1
BSR 0086 Anthony Braxton Six Compositions (Quartet) 1984
BSR 0087 Jimmy Lyons Quintet Give It Up
BSR 0088 Don Pullen Quintet The Sixth Sense
BSR 0089 David Murray Children
BSR 0090 Roscoe Mitchell Quartet The Flow of Things
BSR 0091 Muhal Richard Abrams Colors in Thirty-Third
BSR 0092 Karl Berger, Dave Holland & Ed Blackwell Transit
BSR 0093 Dewey Redman & Ed Blackwell Red and Black in Willisau
BSR 0094 John Tchicai Group Timo's Message
BSR 0095 David Murray Big Band Live at Sweet Basil Volume 2
BSR 0096 World Saxophone Quartet Live at Brooklyn Academy of Music
BSR 0097 Hamiet Bluiett The Clarinet Family
BSR 0098 String Trio of New York Natural Balance
BSR 0099 New Air featuring Cassandra Wilson Air Show No. 1
BSR 0100 David Murray Octet New Life
120101-1/2/4 Sun Ra Arkestra Reflections in Blue
12 0102-2 Paul Murphy, Glenn Spearman, & William Parker - Trio Hurricane Suite of Winds
12 0103-1/2/4 Muhal Richard Abrams Orchestra The Hearinga Suite
12 0104-2 Oliver Lake Edge-ing
12 0105-2 David Murray Quartet I Want to Talk About You
BSR 0106 Anthony Braxton Five Compositions (Quartet) 1986
BSR 0107 Clarinet Summit Southern Bells
BSR 0108 John Lindberg, Albert Mangelsdorff & Eric Watson Dodging Bullets
BSR 0109 The Sonny Clark Memorial Quartet Voodoo
12 0110-1/2/4 David Murray Trio The Hill
12 0111-1/2/4 Sun Ra Arkestra Hours After
12 0112-1/2 Karl Berger and Friends Around
12 0113-1/2/4 Old and New Dreams A Tribute to Blackwell
12 0114-2 The American Jazz Quintet From Bad to Badder
12 0115-2 Julius Hemphill Sextet Fat Man and the Hard Blues
12 0116-1/2/3 Anthony Braxton Six Monk's Compositions (1987)
12 0117-2 Muhal Richard Abrams Orchestra Blu Blu Blu
12 0118-1/2/4 David Murray and Randy Weston The Healers
12 0119-1/2/4 The Leaders Out Here Like This
12 0120-1/2 Roscoe Mitchell and the Sound Ensemble Live at the Knitting Factory
12 0121-1/2 Sun Ra Arkestra Mayan Temples
12 0122-2 Leroy Jenkins Leroy Jenkins Live! featuring Computer Minds
12 0123-1/2/4 Dewey Redman Quartet Living on the Edge
12 0124-1/2 Anthony Braxton 4 (Ensemble) Compositions 1992
12 0125-1/2/4 Jimmy Lyons & Andrew Cyrille Something in Return
12 0126-1/2/4 ROVA Beat Kennel
12 0127-2 World Saxophone Quartet Moving Right Along
12 0128-1/2/4 Chico Freeman featuring Von Freeman You'll Know When You Get There
12 0129-1/2/4 The Leaders Unforeseen Blessings
12 0130-1/2 Jimmy Lyons & Andrew Cyrille Burnt Offering
12 0131-2 String Trio of New York Octagon
12 0132-2 Muhal Richard Abrams Family Talk
12 0133-1/2 Roscoe Mitchell & Muhal Richard Abrams Duets and Solos
12 0134-1/2 Henry Threadgill Very Very Circus Spirit of Nuff...Nuff
12 0135-1/2 ROVA From the Bureau of Both
12 0136-1/2 Chico Freeman & Mal Waldron Up and Down
12 0137-2 Anthony Braxton with The Northwest Creative Orchestra Eugene (1989)
12 0138-2 Charles Gayle Consecration
12 0139-1/2 David Murray Octet Hope Scope
12 0140-2 Julius Hemphill Sextett Five Chord Stud
12 0141-2 Muhal Richard Abrams Think All, Focus One
12 0142-2 Joe Rosenberg The Long & Short of It
12 0143-2 Diedre Murray & Fred Hopkins Stringology
12 0144-2 Oliver Lake Dedicated to Dolphy
12 0145-1/2 David Murray Quartet A Sanctuary Within
12 0146-2 Julius Hemphill & Warren Smith Chile New York: Sound Environment
12 0147-1/2 Glenn Spearman Double Trio Mystery Project
12 0148-2 String Trio of New York Blues...?
12 0149-2 Keshavan Maslak with Paul Bley Not to Be a Star
12 0150-2 Roscoe Mitchell and the Note Factory This Dance Is for Steve McCall
12 0151-2 Tiziano Tononi & The Ornettians Peace Warriors
12 0152-2 Phillip Johnston Phillip Johnston's Big Trouble
12 0153-2 Ed Blackwell Trio Walls–Bridges
12 0154-2 Henry Threadgill Song Out of My Trees
12 0155-2 David Murray Quartet Body and Soul
12 0156-2 Lisle Ellis Group What We Live Fo(u)r
12 0157-2 Glenn Spearman Double Trio Smokehouse
12 0158-2 Charles Gayle Quartet Daily Bread
12 0159-2 William Parker In Order to Survive
12 0160-2 Hugh Ragin Collective Back to Saturn
12 0161-2 Muhal Richard Abrams Song for All
12 0162-2 John Lindberg Quartet Afterstorm
12 0163-2 The Eastern Seaboard Nonfiction
12 0164-2 Flute Force Four Flutistry
12 0165-2 David Murray with Dave Burrell Windward Passages
12 0166-2 Anthony Braxton Composition No. 173
12 0167-2 Figure 8 Pipe Dreams
12 0168-2 String Trio of New York Faze Phour: A Twenty Year Retrospective
12 0169-2 What We Live Never Was
12 0172-2 John Lindberg Resurrection of a Dormant Soul
12 0173-2 Heinz Geisser / Guerino Mazzolo Quartet Chronotomy
12 0176-2 Rova The Works
12 0177-2 Larry Ochs The Secret Magritte
12 0178-2 String Trio of New York The River of Orion: 30 Years Running
12 0179-2 William Parker & The Little Huey Creative Orchestra Mass for the Healing of the World
12 0180-2 ROVA John Coltrane's Ascension
12 0181-2 Tiziano Tononi & The Ornettians Peace Warriors (Forgotten Children)
12 0182-2 Philip Johnston's Big Trouble Flood at the Ant Farm
12 0184-2 Carla Marciano 4tet A Strange Day
12 0186-2 ROVA The Works (Volume 2)
12 0189-2 What We Live Trumpets
12 0192-2 John Lindberg Ensemble Bounce
12 0194-2 Carla Marciano 4tet Change of Mood
12 0196-2 ROVA The Works (Volume 3)
12 0197-2 Glenn Spearman Double Trio The Fields
12 0198-2 John Lindberg Ensemble The Catbird Sings
12 0199-2 Marilyn Crispell & Stefano Maltese Red
12 0202-2 Joe Rosenberg Danse de la fureur
12 0206-2 ROVA Totally Spinning
12 0207-2 Glenn Spearman Free Worlds
12 0209-2 Marilyn Crispell & Stefano Maltese Blue
12 0217-2 Larry Ochs The Neon Truth
12 0242-2 Joe Rosenberg Quicksand

Soul Note edit

Catalog number Artist Title
SN 1001 Billy Harper Billy Harper Quintet in Europe
SN 1002 Beaver Harris 360 Degree Music Experience Beautiful Africa
SN 1003 Max Roach Quartet Pictures in a Frame
SN 1004 George Adams-Don Pullen Quartet Don't Lose Control
SN 1005 Dannie Richmond Quartet Ode to Mingus
SN 1006 Martha Bass, Fontella Bass, David Peaston From the Root to the Source
SN 1007 George Adams – Dannie Richmond Hand to Hand
SN 1008 Bill Dixon Bill Dixon in Italy Volume One
SN 1009 George Russell Sextet Electronic Sonata for Souls Loved by Nature - 1980
SN 1010 Andrew Hill Faces of Hope
SN 1011 Bill Dixon Bill Dixon in Italy Volume Two
SN 1012 Andrew Cyrille Special People
SN 1013 Andrew Hill Trio Strange Serenade
SN 1014 George Russell Othello Ballet Suite/Electronic Organ Sonata No. 1
SN 1015 Barry Altschul Quartet For Stu
SN 1016 Billy Bang Quintet Rainbow Gladiator
SN 1017 Tom Varner Quartet Tom Varner Quartet
SN 1018 Hamiet Bluiett Dangerously Suite
SN 1019 George Russell Vertical Form VI
SN 1020 Giorgio Gaslini Gaslini Plays Monk
SN 1021 Enrico Pieranunzi Quartet & Quintet featuring Art Farmer Isis
SN 1022 Ran BlakeJaki Byard Improvisations
SN 1023 Baikida Carroll Shadows and Reflections
SN 1024 George Russell Listen to the Silence
SN 1025 Jaki Byard To Them - To Us
SN 1026 Art Farmer Quintet Manhattan
SN 1027 Ran Blake Duke Dreams
SN 1028 Walt Dickerson, Sirone, Andrew Cyrille Life Rays
SN 1029 George Russell Sextet Trip to Prillarguri
SN 1030 Borah Bergman A New Frontier
SN 1031 Kenny Drew Trio Your Soft Eyes
SN 1032 Frank Lowe Quintet Exotic Heartbreak
SN 1033 Kim Parker and the Kenny Drew Trio Havin' Myself a Time
SN 1034 George Russell Electronic Sonata for Souls Loved by Nature - 1968
SN 1035 Steve Lacy The Flame
SN 1036 Billy Bang Quintet Invitation
SN 1037/1038 Bill Dixon November 1981
SN 1039 George Russell New York Big Band
SN 1040 Kenny Drew It Might as Well Be Spring
SN 1041 Jemeel Moondoc Sextet Konstanze's Delight
SN 1042 Mingus Dynasty Reincarnation
SN 1043 Peter Kuhn Quartet The Kill
SN 1044/1045 George Russell The Essence of George Russell
SN 1046 Art Farmer Quintet Mirage
SN 1047 Lilian Terry meets Tommy Flanagan A Dream Comes True
SN 1048 Saheb Sarbib Quartet Seasons
SN 1049 George Russell's New York Band Live in an American Time Spiral
SN 1050 Mitchel Forman Childhood Dreams
SN 1051 Jemeel Moondoc Trio Judy's Bounce
SN 1052 Hugh Lawson Colour
SN 1053 Max Roach Quartet In the Light
SN 1054 Roswell Rudd, Steve Lacy, Misha Mengelberg, Kent Carter & Han Bennink Regeneration
SN 1055 Craig Harris Black Bone
SN 1056 Tiziana Ghiglioni Sounds of Love
SN 1057 George Adams – Dannie Richmond Gentlemen's Agreement
SN 1058 Jimmy Giuffre 4 Dragonfly
SN 1059 M'Boom Collage
SN 1060 Martial Solal Bluesine
SN 1061 Tim Berne Sextet The Ancestors
SN 1062 Andrew Cyrille The Navigator
SN 1063 Kim Parker with the Tommy Flanagan Trio Good Girl
SN 1064 Enrico Rava Quintet Andanada
SN 1065 Barry Altschul Quartet Irina
SN 1066 The Jazztet Moment to Moment
SN 1067 Tom Varner Quartet Motion/Stillness
SN 1068 Bobby Bradford and the Mo'tet Lost in L.A.
SN 1069 Lee Konitz Nonet Live at Laren
SN 1070 Mitchel Forman Only a Memory
SN 1071 Claudio Fasoli Lido
SN 1072 Michele Rosewoman The Source
SN 1073 Max Roach Double Quartet Live at Vielharmonie
SN 1074 Paul Motian The Story of Maryam
SN 1075 Jaki Byard and the Apollo Stompers Phantasies
SN 1076 Art Farmer Quintet You Make Me Smile
SN 1077 Ran Blake Suffield Gothic
SN 1078 Kenny Clarke, Andrew Cyrille, Milford Graves, Famoudou Don Moye Pieces of Time
SN 1079 Charli Persip and Superband (II) In Case You Missed It
SN 1080 Borah Bergman Upside Down Visions
SN 1081 Kenny Drew Quartet And Far Away
SN 1082 Frank Lowe Decision in Paradise
SN 1083 Tony Scott African Bird Come Back! Mother Africa
SN 1084 Clifford Jordan Quartet Repetition
SN 1085 Paul Bley Sonor
SN 1086 Billy Bang Sextet The Fire from Within
SN 1087 Ray Anderson Right Down Your Alley
SN 1088 Hamiet Bluiett Ebu
SN 1089 Cecil Taylor Segments II (Orchestra of Two Continents) Winged Serpent (Sliding Quadrants)
SN 1090 Paul Bley Tango Palace
SN 1091 Tim Berne Mutant Variations
SN 1092 Jimmy Knepper Sextet I Dream Too Much
SN 1093 Max Roach Survivors
SN 1094 George Adams-Don Pullen Quartet Live at the Village Vanguard
SN 1095 John Stubblefield Confessin'
SN 1096 Frank Gordon Clarion Echoes
SN 1097 Ellen Christi with Menage Live at Irving Plaza
SN 1098 Saheb Sarbib Quintet It Couldn't Happen Without You
SN 1099 Stephen Horenstein Collages Jerusalem '85
SN 1100/1 Cecil Taylor and Max Roach Historic Concerts
SN 1102 Archie Shepp Down Home New York
SN 1103 Max Roach Quartet Scott Free
SN 1104 Misha Mengelberg, Steve Lacy, George Lewis, Harjen Gorter, Han Bennink Change of Season (Music of Herbie Nichols)
SN 1105 Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers Not Yet
SN 1106 From the Other Side From the Other Side
SN 1107 Paul Nash Second Impression
SN 1108 Jimmy Giuffre 4 Quasar
SN 1109 Max Roach Double Quartet Easy Winners
SN 1110 Andrew Hill Verona Rag
SN 1111 Bill Dixon Thoughts
SN 1112 Archie Shepp Little Red Moon
SN 1113 Andrew Hill Shades
SN 1114 Enrico Rava String Band
SN 1115 Barry Altschul Quartet/Quintet That's Nice
SN 1116 The Satchmo Legacy Band Salute to Pops – Vol. 1
SN 1117 Fred Houn and the Afro-Asian Music Ensemble Tomorrow is Now!
SN 1118 Mal Waldron Quintet The Git Go - Live at the Village Vanguard
SN 1119 Lee Konitz Quartet Ideal Scene
SN 1120 Giorgio Gaslini Schumann Reflections
SN 1121 Enrico Pieranunzi, Marc Johnson, Joey Baron Deep Down
SN 1122 Archie Shepp California Meeting: Live on Broadway
SN 1123 Baikida Carroll Door of the Cage
SN 1124 Paul Motian Quintet Jack of Clubs
SN 1125 Jaki Byard Trio Foolin' Myself
SN 1126 Art Farmer - Fritz Pauer Azure
SN 1127 Ran Blake Quartet Short Life of Barbara Monk
SN 1128 World Music - Live at the Donaueschingen Festival To Hear the World in a Grain of Sand
SN 1129 The Odean Pope Saxophone Choir The Saxophone Shop
SN 1130 Mal Waldron Update
SN 1131 Guido Manusardi Trio Down Town
SN 1132 Joe Lovano Quartet Tones, Shapes & Colors
SN 1133 Kim Parker Sometimes I'm Blue
SN 1134 Mike Melillo - Chet Baker Symphonically
SN 1135 Steve Lacy Sextet The Condor
SN 1136 Billy Bang Sextet Live at Carlos 1
SN 1137 Jeff Hittman - Yoshitaka Uematsu Quintet Mosaic
SN 1138 Bill Dixon Son of Sisyphus
SN 1139 Cecil Tayor Olu Iwa
SN 1140 Paul Bley Group Hot
SN 1141 Jemeel Moondoc Quintet Nostalgia in Times Square
SN 1142 Mingus Dynasty Mingus' Sound of Love
SN 1143 Art Davis Quartet Life
SN 1144 George Adams - Don Pullen Quartet Live at the Village Vanguard Vol. 2
SN 1145 Horace Parlan Quartet Little Esther
SN 1146 Kenny Wheeler Quintet Flutter By, Butterfly
SN 1147 Lilian Terry with Dizzy Gillespie Oo-shoo-be-doo-be...Ooo, Oo ...Oo, Oo
SN 1148 Mal Waldron Quintet The Seagulls of Kristiansund
SN 1149 Dino Betti van der Noot Here Comes Springtime
SN 1150 Cecil Taylor For Olim
SN 1151 Michael Cochrane Quintet Elements
SN 1152 Monty Alexander Threesome
SN 1153 Max Roach It's Christmas Again
SN 1154 Misha Mengelberg, Steve Lacy, George Lewis, Ernst Reyseger, Han Bennink Dutch Masters
SN 1155 Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers I Get a Kick Out of Bu
SN 1156 Tiziana Ghiglioni Somebody Special
SN 1157 Nana Vasconcelos / Antonello Salis Lester
SN 1158 Jimmy Giuffre 4 Liquid Dancers
SN 1159 Max Roach Double Quartet Bright Moments
SN 1160 Steve Lacy Only Monk
SN 1161 Buell Neidlinger's String Jazz Locomotive
SN 1162 Charlie Haden / Paul Motian featuring Geri Allen Etudes
SN 1163 Shannon Gibbons Shannon Gibbons
SN 1164 Enrico Rava Secrets
SN 1165 Buddy Collette Quintet featuring James Newton Flute Talk
SN 1166 The Satchmo Legacy Band Salute to Pops - Vol. 2
SN 1167 Fred Houn & The Afro-Asian Music Ensemble We Refuse to be Used and Abused
SN 1168 Bobby Bradford with the Frak Sullivan Trio One Night Stand
SN 1169 Lee Konitz Quartet The New York Album
SN 1170 Mal Waldron – Steve Lacy Sempre Amore
SN 1171 Claudio Fasoli, Kenny Wheeler, J.-F. Jenny Clark, Daniel Humair Welcome
SN 1172 Charlie Haden with Chet Baker, Enrico Pieranunzi, Billy Higgins Silence
SN 1173 Bob Moses Devotion
SN 1174 Paul Motian Quintet Misterioso
SN 1175 Jaki Byard and the Apollo Stompers Phantasies II
SN 1176 Tom Varner Jazz French Horn
SN 1177 Ran Blake Epistrophy
SN 1178 Mal Waldron David Friesen Dedication
SN 1179 Charli Persip and Superband No Dummies Allowed
SN 1180 Tete Montoliu The Music I Like to Play Vol. 1
SN 1181 Guido Manusardi – Red Mitchell Together Again
SN 1182 Joe Lovano Quintet Village Rhythm
SN 1183 Teddy Charles Quartet Live at the Verona Jazz Festival, 1988
SN 1184 Arnett Cobb, Jimmy Heath, Joe Henderson Tenor Tribute
SN 1185 Steve Lacy Trio The Window
SN 1186 Billy Bang Quartet Valve No. 10
SN 1187 Bass Drum Bone Wooferlo
SN 1188 Hamiet Bluiett Nali Kola
SN 1189 Unused
SN 1190 Paul Bley, Paul Motian Notes
SN 1191 The Original Chico Hamilton Quintet Reunion
SN 1192 Big Band Charlie Mingus Live at the Theatre Boulogne-Billancourt/Paris, Vol. 1
SN 1193 Big Band Charlie Mingus Live at the Theatre Boulogne-Billancourt/Paris, Vol. 2
SN 1194 Arnett Cobb, Jimmy Heath, Joe Henderson Tenor Tribute Vol. 2
SN 1195 David Liebman The Tree
SN 1196 Eric Felten – Jimmy Knepper T-Bop
SN 1197 Gladys Carbó Street Cries
SN 1198 Mal Waldron Trio Our Colline's a Treasure
SN 1199 Dino Betti van der Noot They Cannot Know
SN 1200 Tete Montoliu The Music I Like to Play Vol. 2
SN 1201 Jeff Palmer, John Abercrombie, Dave Liebman, Adam Nussbaum Abracadabra
SN 1202 Dameronia Live at the Theatre Boulogne-Billancourt Paris
SN 1203 Jon Jang & Pan-Asian Arkestra Self Defense!
SN 1204 Joe Morris Trio Symbolic Gesture
SN 1205 The Fringe It's Time for The Fringe
SN 1206 Niels Lan Doky Paris By Night
SN 1207 Manhattan New Music Project Mood Swing
SN 1208 Bill Dixon Vade Mecum
SN 1209 Gil Evans Orchestra A Tribute to Gil
SN 1210 Steve Lacy More Monk
SN 1211 Bill Dixon Vade Mecum II
SN 1212 Borah Bergman with Andrew Cyrille The Human Factor
SN 1213 Paul Bley – Gary Peacock Mindset
SN 1214 Enrico Rava Electric Five
SN 1215 Stephane Furic Kishinev
SN 1216 Billy Bang with Sun Ra, John Ore, Andrew Cyrille A Tribute to Stuff Smith
SN 1217 Tom Varner The Mystery of Compassion
SN 1218 Mal Waldron Quintet Crowd Scene
SN 1219 Lee Konitz Quartet Zounds
SN 1220 Giorgio Gaslini Quintet Multipli
SN 1221 Enrico Pieranunzi Trio No Man's Land
SN 1222 Charlie Haden, Billy Higgins, Enrico Pieranunzi First Song
SN 1223 Jon Jang & The Pan-Asian Arkestra Tiananmen!
SN 1224 Paul Motian Trio One Time Out
SN 1225 Stephane Furic The Twitter-Machine
SN 1226 Dave Douglas Parallel Worlds
SN 1227 Ran Blake Unmarked Van: A Tribute to Sarah Vaughan
SN 1228 Glenn Horiuchi Oxnard Beet
SN 1229 The Odean Pope Saxophone Choir The Ponderer
SN 1230 Tete Montoliu The Music I Like to Play Vol. 3
SN 1231 Gianluigi Trovesi Octet From G to G
SN 1232 Ellery Eskelin Trio Figure of Speech
SN 1233 Nancy Harrow Secrets
SN 1234 Steve Lacy Quartet Revenue
SN 1235 Paul Bley Group Live at Sweet Basil
SN 1236 Kenny Wheeler All the More
SN 1237 Eric Person Arrival
SN 1238 Hamiet Bluiett Sankofa / Rear Garde
SN 1239 Unused
SN 1240 Paul Bley, Charlie Haden, Paul Motian Memoirs
SN 1241 Chico Hamilton and Euphoria Arroyo
SN 1242 Enrico Pieranunzi / Paul Motian Flux and Change
SN 1243 Michael Marcus Here At!
SN 1244 Paolino Dalla Porta Tales
SN 1245 David Liebman, Cecil McBee, Billy Hart The Seasons
SN 1246 Chico Hamilton Trio!
SN 1247 Quintetto Vocale Italiano Freedom Jazz Dance
SN 1248 Mal Waldron Quintet Where Are You?
SN 1249 Lee Konitz, Peggy Stern Lunasea
SN 1250 Tete Montoliu The Music I Like to Play Vol. 4
SN 1251 Michael Cochrane Trio Songs of Change
SN 1252 Borah Bergman with Evan Parker The Fire Tale
SN 1253 Jon Jang Sextet Two Flowers on a Stem
SN 1254 Maurizio Giammarco Heart Quartet Inside
SN 1255 Craig Harris F-Stops
SN 1256 Tiziana Ghiglioni, Enrico Rava, Mal Waldron I'll be Around
SN 1257 Furio Di Castri, Paolo Fresu, Jon Blake, Pierre Favre Mythscapes
SN 1258 Jimmy Giuffre / Paul Bley / Steve Swallow Conversations with a Goose
SN 1259 James Jabbo Ware & The Me We & Them Orchestra Heritage Is
SN 1260 Steve Lacy Octet Vespers
SN 1261 Michael Formanek, Tim Berne, Jeff Hirshfield Loose Cannon
SN 1262 Andrew Cyrille X Man
SN 1263 Nancy Harrow Lost Lady
SN 1264 Unused
SN 1265 Chico Hamilton and Euphoria My Panamanian Friend
SN 1266 Rob Brown Trio High Wire
SN 1267 Fred Ho and the Afro-Asian Music Ensemble The Underground Railroad to My Heart
SN 1268 Glenn Horiuchi Calling Is It and Now
SN 1269 Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures Skyway
SN 1270 Giorgio Gaslini Ayler's Wings
SN 1271 Gebhard Ullmann Basement Research
SN 1272 Enrico Pieranunzi Trio Seaward
SN 1273 Mark Dresser Force Green
SN 1274 Klaus Suonsaari Inside Out
SN 1275 Stephane Furic Crossing Brooklyn Ferry
SN 1276 Dave Douglas Five
SN 1277 Don Friedman Trio The Days of Wine and Roses
SN 1278 David Friesen, Eddie Moore, Jim Pepper, Julian Priester, Mal Waldron Remembering the Moment
SN 1279 Odean Pope Saxophone Choir Epitome
SN 1280 Borah Bergman with Hamid Drake Reflections on Ornette Coleman and the Stone House
SN 1281 Guido Manusardi / Dave Santoro / Jerry Bergonzi / Victor Lewis Within
SN 1282 Ellery Eskelin The Sun Died
SN 1283 Marc Copland Trio Paradiso
SN 1284 Tony Oxley Celebration Orchestra feat. Bill Dixon The Enchanted Messenger
SN 1285 Paul Bley, Furio Di Castri, Tony Oxley Chaos
SN 1286 Tom Varner Martian Heartache
SN 1287 Eric Person Prophecy
SN 1288 Hamiet Bluiett Live at the Village Vanguard: Ballads and Blues
SN 1289 Unused
SN 1290 Giorgio Gaslini Globo Quartet Lampi (Lightings)
SN 1291 Chico Hamilton Dancing to a Different Drummer
SN 1292 Andrey Cyrille Trio Good to Go, with a Tribute to Bu
SN 1293 Francesca Sortino With My Heart in a Song
SN 1294 Zone First Definition
SN 1295 Dave Liebman Songs for My Daughter
SN 1296 Eric Felten Gratitude
SN 1297 Tiziana Ghiglioni Tiziana Ghiglioni sings Gaslini
SN 1298 Steve Lacy / Mal Waldron Communiqué
SN 1299 European Music Orchestra Guest
SN 1300 Giorgio Gaslini Mister O Jazz Opera
SN 1301 Jeff Palmer Island Universe
SN 1302 Phil Haynes Live Insurgency
SN 1303 Jon Jang Island
SN 1304 Joe Morris Quartet You Be Me
SN 1305 The Fringe Live in Israel
SN 1306 Anita Gravine Lights! Camera! Passion!
SN 1307 Eric Person More Tales to Tell
SN 1308 Bill Dixon with Tony Oxley Papyrus Volume I
SN 1309 Sax Appeal Saxophone Quartet plus Claudio Fasoli Giotto
SN 1310 Loren Stillman Quartet Cosmos
SN 1311 Gianluigi Trovesi Octet Les Hommes Armés
SN 1312 Unused
SN 1313 The Herbie Nichols Project Love Is Proximity
SN 1314 Drew Gress' Heyday Jagged Sky
SN 1315 Steve Lacy + 6 The Cry
SN 1316 Dave Douglas Convergence
SN 1317 Paul Nash The Soul of Grace
SN 1318 Frank Kimbrough Noumena
SN 1319 Civica Jazz Band The Symphonic Ellington: Night Creature
SN 1320 Giorgio Gaslini Globo Quartet Ballets
SN 1321 Enrico Pieranunzi Trio Ada Montellanico with Lee Konitz & Enrico Rava Ma L'amore No
SN 1322 Borah Bergman, Oliver Lake A New Organisation
SN 1323 Unused
SN 1324 Giovanni Falzone – Gaetano Partipilo – Mirko Signorile & New Trio Live in Clusone
SN 1325 Roberto Magris Europlane feat. Tony Lakatos Check-In
SN 1326 Antonio Ciacca Trio Ugly Beauty
SN 1327 Ran Blake, David Fabris Indian Winter
SN 1328 Glenn Horiuchi Unit(a) Fair Play
SN 1329 Cecilia Finotti Nevermore
SN 1330 Borah Bergman/Peter Brötzmann/Andrew Cyrille Exhilaration
SN 1331 Guido Manusardi Sextet The Village Fair
SN 1332 Roberto Ottaviano Trio Live In Israel
SN 1333 The Herbie Nichols Project Dr. Cyclops' Dream
SN 1334 Gianna Montecalvo Steve's Mirror
SN 1335 Claudio Fasoli Gammatrio Stilla
SN 1336 Gaetano Liguori/Andrew Cyrille/Guido Mazzon When We Were Kings
SN 1337 Nobu Stowe – Lee Pembleton Project Hommage an Klaus Kinski
SN 1338 Bill Dixon with Tony Oxley Papyrus Volume II
SN 1339 Sax Appeal Saxophone Quartet Blowing
SN 1340 Martial Solal Trio Balade du 10 Mars
SN 1341 Gianluigi Trovesi Around Small Fairy Tales
SN 1342 Borah Bergman and Roscoe Mitchell The Italian Concert
SN 1343 The Michael Marcus 3 Live in N.Y.
SN 1344 Unused
SN 1345 David Liebman/Gunnar Mossblad Ensemble The Seasons Reflected
SN 1346 Unused
SN 1347 Fabio Jegher Life Tones and Film Colors
SN 1348 Judi Silvano & Mal Waldron Riding a Zephyr
SN 1349 Grande Orchestra Nazionale di Jazz Live
121373-2 Greg Burk Trio – J.Robinson, B.Moses Checking In
121385-2 John Tchicai, Garrison Fewell, Tino Tracanna, Paolino Dalla Porta, and Massimo Manzi Big Chief Dreaming
121393-2 Greg Burk Quartet – J.Bergonzi, J.Robinson, G.Cleaver Carpe Momentum
121395-2 Roberto Magris Europlane feat. Herb Geller Il Bello del Jazz
121397-2 Nobu Stowe & Alan Munshower with Badal Roy An die Musik
121403-2 Greg Burk Quartet – I.Dinne, J.Robinson, A.Marcelli Berlin Bright
121407-OD Nobu Stowe Confusion Bleue
121425-OD Roberto Magris & The Europlane Orchestra Current Views

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