Soul Fresh

Soul Fresh is a Liberian hip hop duo. The Hipco group comprises JB and Shining Man.[1]

Soul Fresh
GenresHipco, hip hop
MembersJB, Shining Man


The group collaborated with F.A. on the track "Ebola is Real", which became popular in 2014 on Liberian radio, Sky FM.[2] The track is in the HipCo style, and also featured DenG. It became popular on Hott FM and other media outlets throughout Liberia.[3] In August 2014, The Atlantic called the song " one of the most popular tracks in Liberia."[4] Soul Fresh was a past member of the Hip Hop Accountability Network (an organization that strengthens copyright laws and establishes minimum play laws in Liberia).[5][6]

James K. Williams, alias "JB"

In December 2016, Soul Fresh held their Million Fan Festival on Bernard Beach, bringing in several thousand fans.[7]

China incidentEdit

In July 2016, during Soul Fresh's tour of China, it was reported that JB and Shinning Man were imprisoned.[8] The duo were reportedly jailed after accessing their Facebook accounts. However, JB refuted reports and described them as false and misleading.[9] They said they had been detained along with other foreign musicians for ten days after a permit issue.[10]

Awards and nominationsEdit

The duo was named Best Group at the Liberian Music Awards in 2014.[6]

In December 2018, Soul Fresh was nominated for Best Hipco Artist at the 2019 Liberian Entertainment Awards.[11]


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