Sorgu (Swedish: Sorkholm) is a 5-hectare (12-acre)[1] uninhabited Estonian islet in the Gulf of Riga, 5 km (3.1 mi) southeast of the island of Manilaid. Administratively Sorgu belongs to the Manija village in Tõstamaa Parish, Pärnu County.

Sorgu saar.JPG
LocationGulf of Riga
Coordinates58°10′42.23″N 24°11′58.63″E / 58.1783972°N 24.1996194°E / 58.1783972; 24.1996194Coordinates: 58°10′42.23″N 24°11′58.63″E / 58.1783972°N 24.1996194°E / 58.1783972; 24.1996194
Area5.07 ha (12.5 acres)
Coastline2.4 km (1.49 mi)
Highest elevation5 m (16 ft)
CountyPärnu County
MunicipalityTõstamaa Parish
SettlementManija village

The reefs of Sorgu were already mentioned on the Willem Janzoon Blaeu's 1662 Livonian map as Sorkholm. In 1904 a 16-metre (52 ft) brick lighthouse with outbuildings was built. Later in 1913 the complex was expanded to accommodate the lighthouse keeper's family. The lighthouse has been automated since the 1970s.[2][3][4]

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