Sorgenfri (lit. "free of sorrow", like Sans Souci) is a neighbourhood in Lyngby-Taarbæk municipality in Greater Copenhagen lying just north of Kongens Lyngby.

Lyngby Omfartsvej with a view towards Sorgenfri station at the exit to Sorgenfri with the S-train.

The neighbourhood is enclosed between three landmarks:

  1. The forest with Lyngby Åmose, Mølleådalen and Spurveskjulskoven (lit. "sparrow shelter" forest) in the south
  2. The lake Furesøen in the west
  3. The parklands of Sorgenfri Palace and the Open Air Museum in the east

In the north of Sorgenfri lies the town Virum - which was till the end of the First World War a village. "From the 1920, the first land was turned into the settlement as we now know it".[1]

Notable peopleEdit

  • Benny Andersen (1929 – 2018 in Sorgenfri) a Danish poet, author, songwriter, composer and pianist
  • Lars H.U.G. (born 1953 in Sorgenfri as Lars Haagensen) a Danish musician and painter
  • MC Einar (1987 to 1990) a Danish pioneer rap music group from Sorgenfri

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Coordinates: 55°47′N 12°29′E / 55.783°N 12.483°E / 55.783; 12.483