Sophia of Saxony

Sophia of Saxony (died 1244) was a member of the House of Ascania, and the abbess of Gernrode (r.1220–1244).

Sophia of Saxony
Sophia von Aschersleben Anhalt.png
Seal of Abbess Sophia of Gernrode
Abbess of Gernrode
PredecessorAdelaide II
SuccessorErmengarde I of Gernrode
Gernrode Abbey
Noble familyHouse of Ascania


Sophia was a member of the House of Ascania. Her parents were Bernard III of Saxony and Judith/Jutta of Poland, daughter of Mieszko III of Poland.[1] Sophia was brought up in the abbey of Gernrode.[2] Sophia's siblings included Albert I of Saxony and Henry I of Anhalt, the latter of whom was the advocate for the abbey of Gernrode.[3]

Sophia succeeded Adelaide II as abbess of Gernrode in late 1220. The first recorded reference to Sophia as abbess is found in a charter issued in 1221.[4]

In order to protect the abbey's wealth from embezzlement or theft, Sophia purchased extensive goods in Rieder. This purchase was confirmed by Sophia's brother, Henry I, in Aschersleben in 1223. A confirmation of all of the abbey's property and rights, issued by Pope Gregory IX in June 1227 also referred to the property in Rieder.[5]

Sophia most likely died on 16 July 1244.[6]


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