Sookuninga Nature Reserve

Sookuninga Nature Reserve is a nature reserve situated in south-western Estonia, in Pärnu County.

Sookuninga Nature Reserve
Map showing the location of Sookuninga Nature Reserve
Map showing the location of Sookuninga Nature Reserve
Nearest cityPärnu
Coordinates58°00′24″N 24°45′45″E / 58.00667°N 24.76250°E / 58.00667; 24.76250Coordinates: 58°00′24″N 24°45′45″E / 58.00667°N 24.76250°E / 58.00667; 24.76250
Area5,869 ha (14,500 acres)
Designated3 February 2006
Reference no.1748[1]

Sookuninga nature reserve is situated on the Latvian border of Estonia and comprises a large area of wetlands and woodlands. Sookuninga nature reserve and the Ziemeļu bogs protected area across the border together make out the North Livonian trans-boundary Ramsar protected wetland site. Together, the two sites form one of the largest natural peat bog areas in the Baltic states and constitute an important fresh-water reservoir. Sookuninga is home to many species, including large mammals like Gray wolf, Eurasian lynx and Brown bear. The site is furthermore a refuge for many unusual or threatened species of birds, including three species of eagle. Traditionally, the area has been sparsely populated due to its inaccessibility, and therefore also used as a hiding-place during times of war. Facilities for visitors include a bird-watching tower and a hiking trail.[2][3]

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