Sonderend River

The Sonderend River, also known as the Riviersonderend (Afrikaans for River without an end), is a main tributary of the Breede River, located in Western Cape Province, South Africa. The village of Riviersonderend is believed to have taken its name from the river.

The Sonderend River in flood


In 1673, Willem ten Rhyne referred to the river as "sine fine flumen" (Latin for "endless river"). In 1707, Jan Hatogh, a Dutch East India Company horticulturist, referred to the river as the "Kantdydnn", likely derived from the Hessequa "Kamma-kan Kamma", roughly "water, endless water" or "endless river". The Hessequa were a local tribe of Khoi-khoi herders.[1][2]

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