Solo Jebres railway station

Solo Jebres Station,[note 1] also known as Jebres Station, is a type-C large class railway station in Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. The station, which is located 97 metres (318 ft) above sea level, is operated by Operational Area VI Yogyakarta of Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI). It is one of the major railway stations in the city.

Y12 Kereta Api Indonesia
Solo Jebres Station

Stasiun Solo Jebres
Stasiun Solo Jebres 2019.jpg
Solo Jebres Station main building in 2019
General information
Other namesJebres Station
LocationJalan Ledoksari Utara No. 1, Purwodiningratan, Jebres, Surakarta
Central Java
Coordinates7°33′43″S 110°50′21″E / 7.56194°S 110.83917°E / -7.56194; 110.83917Coordinates: 7°33′43″S 110°50′21″E / 7.56194°S 110.83917°E / -7.56194; 110.83917
Elevation+97 m (318 ft)
Owned byKereta Api Indonesia
Operated byKereta Api Indonesia
Line(s)Kereta Api Indonesia Solo Balapan–Kertosono
Structure typeGround
Other information
Station codeSK
Opened24 May 1884 (1884-05-24)
Solo Jebres Station is located in Java
Solo Jebres Station
Solo Jebres Station
Location in Java

Before Purwosari Station was used as a stop and terminus for economy- and mixed-class intercity trains in Surakarta, all such types of trains crossing the northern and southern Java lines stopped at this station. Since 1 February 2014 trains are no longer start and end their journey at the station. All train journeys are diverted to Purwosari and Solo Balapan stations as the terminus and the train stops in Surakarta are on the southern Java line, while Solo Jebres Station is used as a stop for passenger trains that pass through central Java line, the Gundih-Solo Balapan line or vice versa.[1]


Solo Jebres Station circa 1930s, with a Solosche Tramweg Maatschappij (SoTM) tramway at the foreground

In contrast to other stations located on the Staatsspoorwegen (SS) line, Solo Jebres station was built on the former Nederlandsch-Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij (NIS) line, running in conjunction with the Samarang–Vorstenlanden railway line. There are not much sources discussing any line that ends on the banks of the Solo River — only the 1869 map that shows its existence, but it was never discussed.[2] The line crosses the territory of Surakarta Sunanate.

In 1882–1884, the SS carried out the development of the line, although the line was constructed from Surabaya to Madiun, until it ended at Solo Balapan. On 24 May 1884, the former NIS line was replaced with a new SS line, and Solo Jebres Station was opened.[3]

Currently there are some improvement in the station as a part of KAI Commuter Yogyakarta Line eastward extension to Palur in neighboring Karanganyar Regency.[4]


The following is a list of passenger train services at the Solo Jebres Station.

Executive class

Economy class

Mixed class

Commuter rail


  1. ^ KAI still maintains the procedure for the station's name writing, according to the Buku Jarak (Distance Book) dan Daftar Waktu (The Timetable) books, as Solojebres, which is also used as a medium of inter-station communications. However, because the subdistrict where the station is located is only named Jebres, the station's name follows the other two stations in Surakarta (Solo Balapan or Solo Kota). The station code "SK" probably comes from Solo Kasunanan, a name proposed during the construction process. In a book titled Officieele reisgids der spoor- en tramwegen en aansluitende automobieldiensten op Java en Madoera (1926), the station's name is written as Solo Djebres. See: Staatsspoorwegen (1926). Officieele reisgids der spoor- en tramwegen en aansluitende automobieldiensten op Java en Madoera (1926). Surakarta: N.V. Sie Dian Ho. p. 12 and 146.


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