Soli (zemlja)

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Soli or was a zemlja of the medieval Bosnian state, located in today's northern Bosnia and Herzegovina,[1][2] centered around the town of Tuzla. Initially, a Slavic župa, the County of Soli became an integral part of Kulin's Bosnia and later both of Banate of Bosnia and of the Kingdom of Bosnia.[3] The meaning of the name is "salts". With the arrival of the Ottoman Empire around 1512, the names of the villages "Gornje Soli" and "Donje Soli" were translated to "Memlehai-bala" and "Memlehai-zir", literally meaning Upper and Lower Saltworks, resp.[4]

Territorial development of Bosnia during the Middle Ages; with region of Soli indicated in northeastern parts of the country

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Coordinates: 44°33′37″N 18°41′50″E / 44.56028°N 18.69722°E / 44.56028; 18.69722