Soli (zemlja)

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Soli or was a zemlja of the medieval Bosnian state, located in today's northern Bosnia and Herzegovina,[1][2] centered around the town of Tuzla. Initially, a Slavic župa, the County of Soli became an integral part of Kulin's Bosnia and later both of Banate of Bosnia and of the Kingdom of Bosnia.[3]

Territorial development of Bosnia during the Middle Ages; with region of Soli indicated in northeastern parts of the country

Soli was also specially organized in the early feudal period. As such, it entered the title of Bosnian rulers, but somewhere in the first half of the 14th century it completely merged with Usora. Apart from the name and only the approximate territory, we know nothing about the organization of this zemlja.[4][5]

The meaning of the name is "salts". With the arrival of the Ottoman Empire around 1512, the names of the villages "Gornje Soli" and "Donje Soli" were translated to "Memlehai-bala" and "Memlehai-zir", literally meaning Upper and Lower Saltworks, resp.[6] Zemlja Soli will eventually be incorporated into zemlja Usora in 15th century.

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