Solectron Corporation was an electronics manufacturing company for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). It was the first electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industry in 1977.[citation needed] Solectron's first customer designed and distributed an electronic controller for solar energy equipment. The name "Solectron" was a portmanteau of the words "solar" and "electronics".[2]

Solectron Corporation
TypePublic company
IndustryElectronics Manufacturing Services, product design and after sales services
FatePurchased by Flextronics
ProductsConsumer Electronics, Routers, Switches, TVs
RevenueUS$10.56 billion (2006)[1]

Solectron had sales of around $12 billion a year, and employed 70,000 people in 23 countries.[3] The company was acquired by Flex on October 15, 2007.[4]

History Edit

Solectron was established in 1977 to provide outsourced manufacturing services to third parties. It was a major manufacturer, but you would have not found its name on any products. Solectron founders Roy Kusumoto and Prabhat Jain saw a growing number of electronics companies in California's Silicon Valley. There was a need to provide printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) services, handling the manufacturing overflow from OEMs. Solectron aimed to provide high-tech companies the ability for their products to be produced and delivered more quickly and efficiently than their competition, and believed that their customers needed a greater level of service for assembly and manufacture of printed circuit boards, cellular phones, along the entire product supply chain.[5]

Management succession Edit

Michael R. Cannon was named president and chief executive officer in January 2003.[6]

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