Solar Fox

Solar Fox is an arcade game released in 1981 by Bally/Midway. It was ported to the Atari 2600, ColecoVision, and Intellivision consoles. It was also released as a Commodore-published cartridge for Commodore 64 in 1983.[2]

Solar Fox
Solar Fox Cartridge
Atari 2600 cartridge
Developer(s)Bally/Midway Mfg. Co
Publisher(s)CBS Electronics
Programmer(s)Atari 2600
Bob Curtiss[1]
Commodore 64
Judy Braddick[1]
Platform(s)Arcade, Atari 2600, ColecoVision, Commodore 64
Release1981: Arcade
1983: Atari 2600, C64
Mode(s)Single player, two-player alternating

A comic book was released in 1983 to support the story of the game.[3]


Arcade version screenshot.

The player's task is to pilot a starship through a series of squared solar cell matrixes inside a rack. While capturing the cells you must dodge waves of fireballs that are being thrown by Sentinels. These Sentinels move continuously along the perimeter of each cell formation. When you clear an entire field of squares (by flying through each square), you go on to the next level (rack). The faster you clear a matrix, the more points you receive. [4]

There are 26 different solar cell matrixes shapes, every fifth matrix you reach a Challenge rack. During challenge racks there are no fireballs, but you have to clear the entire field before the time runs out. Completing each Challenge round awards a letter, to form the mystery word Helios.[5]


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