Sokolniki Arena

Sokolniki Arena or Sokolniki Sports Palace is an indoor sporting arena located in Moscow, Russia. It is located in the Sokolniki District of the city, a fifteen-minute walk from Sokolniki metro station, right by Sokolniki Park. Initially it was an outdoor skating rink, roofed in 1973 during the preparations for the 1973 Summer Universiade. The capacity of the arena is 5,000.

Sokolniki Arena
Sokolniki Sports Palace
LocationMoscow, Russia

The Sokolniki Sports Palace was a venue of handball tournament for the 1980 Summer Olympics, including the final. It is the home arena of the HK Lokomotiv Moscow ice hockey team. There is a small practice rink located just to the east of the main arena.


On March 10, 1975, at a friendly match between Soviet and Canadian youth hockey teams at the Sokolniki Arena, at least twenty people were killed in a stampede after the lights went out.[1]


  1. ^ Lev Ivanov, "Удавили за жвачку," Svobodnaya pressa, Jan. 6, 2011. (N.b.: David Goldblatt, in various books, e.g., The Ball Is Round and World Soccer Yearbook 2003-2004, has erroneously claimed this happened at a soccer game in 1985. Canadian players have got contract, that they have to give russian kids canadian gum, they got 24 kilos of gum. After the match, canadians were giving those gum, which is the reason of crowding of the people: People were running while watching at gum only, some of them died because of crowding. )


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