Soji of Silla

Soji of Silla was Ruler of Silla (died 500, r. 479–500). He was preceded by Jabi Maripgan (458–479) and succeeded by King Jijeung (500–514).[1][2]

Soji of Silla
소지 마립간
Revised RomanizationSoji Maripgan
McCune–ReischauerSoji Maripkan


  • Grandfather: King Nulji of Silla
  • Grandmother: Queen Aro, of the Kim clan (아로부인 김씨), daughter of King Silseong
  • Father: Jabi of Silla
  • Mother: Queen Kim, of the Kim clan (왕후김씨), daughter of Kim Misaheun (김미사흔)
  • Wife:
    • Queen Seonhye (선혜부인), of the Kim clan (왕후김씨), daughter of Galmunwang Seupbo and Queen Josaeng[3]
    • Queen Yeonje, of the Park clan (연제부인 박씨)
      • Son: Prince Sanjong (산종)
    • Queen Byeoghwa (벽화부인), of the Park clan (박씨), daughter of Park Palo (박파로)
      • Son: Kim Isabu (이사부)–was a military general and politician of Silla

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Soji of Silla
 Died: 500
Regnal titles
Preceded by Ruler of Silla
Succeeded by