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Software Projects

Software Projects was the name of a computer game development company which was started by Manic Miner developer Matthew Smith, Alan Maton and Colin Roach. After leaving Bug-Byte as a freelance developer, Smith was able to take the rights to his recently developed Manic Miner game with him, due to an oversight in his freelance contract.[1] Software Projects was then able to market and publish the ZX Spectrum hit game separately from Bug-Byte. Their logo was a Penrose triangle.

Software Projects
Industry Computer and video games
Founded 1983
Founder David Ward
Jon Woods
Defunct 1988
Headquarters Bear Brand Complex, Allerton Road, Woolton, Liverpool L25 7SF
Key people
Matthew Smith, Alan Maton Colin Roach
Products Computer games

Releases included:

In 1984 they released a number of budget titles at £2.99 on the Software Supersavers label.[2]

Cover artEdit

The artist responsible for all Software Projects cover art was Roger Tissyman[3]


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