Sodari Nepali: सोडारी is the Hindu Caste group particularly living in Nepal, India and other places.

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Language(s)Nepali, Doteli, Kumaoni, Hindi
Word/nameSouth Asia
MeaningPeople from Swarad,Baitadi
Other names
Variant form(s)Swaradi, Sodari, Chand Sodari

Origin of Sodari CasteEdit

Som Chand, who migrated from Kannauj to Katyoor state in the north-west to save religion and culture, made his strong social presence in Katyoor (Kalikumaon, Garhwal, Champawat) after the Muslims ended the Dynasty in the Kannauj, ruled by Gautam Gotri Chand. Then the Sultan Chand cleverly occupied the Katyoor kingdom and established the rule of the Chand dynasty. Chand dynasty was established in the 11th century and ruled over 800 years in Katyoor. The Chand dynasty seems to have established rules over Kumaon, Garhwal, Champawat, Kangra and the former Mahakali, Doti through the Karnali river. During this period, the descendants of Randhaula Chand and Ganadhaula Chand, Ranadeau, Udaydeu, Bhanadeau and Jasudeau who came to Baitadi from Kumaon Garhwal area in the 14th century, have a history of living in different areas of Baitadi. In this way, the four brothers, who came to Baitadi from Kumaon Garhwal, middle brother Udaydeu Chand lived in the Swarad area of Baitadi while the elder Ranadeau lived in the mid-Baitadi area. Similarly, Bhanadeau headed east to Baitadi, but the younger brother Jasudeu who had returned to Kumaon said that Baitadi did not look right. In this way, the descendants of Udaydeu Chand, who lives in Swarad of Baitadi, spread to the Swarad area. About 300 years ago, from the lower Swarad of Baitadi. Hari Chand one of the descendants of the Udaydeu migrated to Kalagaun in the north-west of Headquarter Mangalsen in Achham district.There are different views based on different people's efforts on this point. Some say that Chand's three brothers came from Swarad, Baitadi and settled in Dyanla Land near Badpipalbazar of Kalagaun and some say that they first went to Dullu of Dailekh District and settled in the Nimayal of Sigaudi, Dailekh for some time after that they migrated to the Dyanla Land of Kalagaun. The land where Chand Brother was living was named as Dyanla Land. It was said that Sodari's ancestors have faced different challenges in terms of living here. while three brothers were returning from Paduka pilgrimage, during the fight with the ruler of Binayak It is said that one of the brothers of Chand Thakuri was cut off. It is still disputed that one of the three brothers was cut off. Some say that the oldest brother has been cut off, while others say that the middle brother has been cut off. However, the Gautam tribe, Madhyayani Branch, three prawar Soradi Chand Thakuri have been living in the present Kalagaun of Achham District. Ruling ruler and caste-majority people forced Chand Thakuri to marry Jupal Rawal and other castes due to which Chand Thakuri had changed caste to Swaradi. Thus, there is evidence that the ancestors of Jupal Prithu Rawal changed Chand Thakuri caste to Swaradi and during the period it was misread as Sodari but before 1990 B.S., Caste was written as "Swaradi", it is mention in the Kashyapatra of 1991 BS.

As the descendants of Sodari grow in Kalagaun, Achham, the water, land, and forests of the place seem to have taken over. Because there are so many fields for rice, corn, wheat, and millet. In due course of time, sodari from Kalagaun VDC migrated to Thana, Jupu, Veragaon of Batulasain VDC, Toli, Layati, Dhanras of Surkhet district, Solta, Katase, Baunia, Lamki, Dhangadhi, Chauri, Khairifanta, Tikapur, Shantipur of Bardia District, Banke, Katasipur of Dang District and Kathmandu etc. So far, the population of Sodari has been 3000-4000.

Local Governance of Sodari CasteEdit

Thus, as the descendants of Hari Chand move forward, Balbhadra Sodari is said to have used Jimwali in Kalagaun of Achham. Balrame, the eldest son of Jimwal Balbhadra, has a history of using his Jimuwali throughout the area. He used his Jimmwali between Banatoli and Jupu VDCs from the Judikha Stream to Pacela of Santada VDC. Then the vocal tradition began. The history of Kapore Sodari, Gangu Sodari, Mane Sodari, Dhanapati Sodari, Dhan Singh Sodari, Nand Singh Sodari, Bal Bahadur Sodari has been used chiefly by their heads, prices, penalties, distinctions respectively. Among these chiefs, the most famous of the jimuwal and Mukhiya is Balarame Sodari and Nand Singh Sodari. During his tenure, he was known to counterparts up to Doti, Achham, Bajura, Jumla, Kalikot and Dailekh. In 1990 BS, During the Rana regime Pati Pauwa was constructed in Kalagaun. During the Rana regime, the prisoners were brought in, the robbers were brought in, and the government officials or employees came to live in the area. The prisoners were kept in a room on the south side of the building. It is one floor high and has got 2 rooms in ground floor and 3 room in first floor. There was no light in the room, and in the middle room there is a large pole that binds the prisoner. In front of it is a place to put a horse. The upper rooms are made up for living purpose. The building is still there. Nowadays it is used as post box office. Since the building was a physical infrastructure and the area lies center of Achham district, the goods office was set up to make the headquarter. Due to the short-sightedness and inability of the local leaders of that time, the goods are reported to have gone to Mangalsen after a long time and became the headquarter.