Socket 563

Socket 563 is a microPGA CPU socket used exclusively for low-power (16 W and 25 W TDP) Athlon XP-M processors (Models 8 & 10).

Socket 563
Socket 563 Desktop.jpg
Chip form factorsPGA
Voltage range1.30 - 1.35 V
ProcessorsAMD Athlon XP-M
SuccessorSocket S1

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This socket can usually be found in laptops and requires a low-power mobile part in a special 563-pin µPGA package which is different from the Socket A (462 pin) package used for other Athlon processors.

There are desktop computer motherboards equipped with Socket 563. PCChips is known to have marketed such a board, the M863G Ver3 (actually made by ECS), bundled with a socket 563 processor and a heatsink.

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