Socialist Labor Party (Canada)

The Socialist Labor Party was a political party in Canada that was formed in 1898 by Canadian supporters of the ideas of American socialist Daniel De Leon and the Socialist Labor Party of America.[1] It became a national party in the 1930s and had its headquarters in Toronto. The party never won any seats. The party ran only a small number of candidates (listed below), all of whom placed last in their respective elections.[2]

The party dissolved in 2005 following the accidental death of its national secretary, Doug Irving.[3]

Federal election resultsEdit

Election Candidate Riding # of votes
1945 Paul Debragh Vancouver—Burrard 140
1945 Robert Gordon McQuillan Vancouver Centre 319
1949 William Blackwood Hendry Broadview (Toronto) 271
1953 Alan Sanderson Broadview (Toronto) 130
1963 Alan Sanderson Broadview (Toronto) 43
1965 William Blackwood Hendry Broadview (Toronto) 147
1968 William Blackwood Hendry Broadview (Toronto) 202

British Columbia provincial election resultsEdit

The party also unsuccessfully contested three provincial elections in British Columbia:

Election Candidate Riding # of votes
1941 John Marshall Kamloops 19
1941 John Alexander Fedoruk Vancouver-Burrard 267
1941 Eric Thomas Reaville Vancouver Centre 393
1941 Robert McQuillan Vancouver East 271
1945 John Alexander Fedoruk Vancouver-Burrard 107
1945 Horace Warner Vancouver Centre 122
1945 Robert McQuillan Vancouver East 56
1949 John Alexander Fedoruk Vancouver Centre 286

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