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The Social Weather Stations or SWS is a social research institution in the Philippines founded in August 1985. It is a private, non-stock, nonprofit institution. It is the foremost public-opinion polling body in the Philippines. As an independent institution, it formally registered on 8 August 1985.

Social Weather Stations
private, independent, non-partisan, non-profit scientific
Genrepublic opinion polling
FounderDr. Mahar Mangahas
Prof. Felipe Miranda
Mercedes R. Abad
Jose P. de Jesus
Ma. Alcestis Abrea-Mangahas
Gemino H. Abad
Rosa Linda Tidalgo-Mirand
Headquarters52 Malingap Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City, Philippines
Area served
Key people
Dr. Mahar Mangahas
Linda Luz B. Guerrero
Ricardo Abad
Ruperto P. Alonzo
Virginia A. Teodosio
Eduardo Roberto
Jasmin Acuña
Productssurvey data, public opinion


The institutionEdit

As an independent institution, the SWS formally registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC on August 8, 1985. Its mission is to regularly do scientific social surveys for the sake of education (so eyes may see social conditions), conscientization (so hearts may feel social problems); and analysis (so minds may understand their solutions).[1] Its basic functions include: social analysis and research, with stress on social indicators and the development of new data sources; design and implementation of social, economic, and political surveys, including public opinion polls; and the dissemination of research findings through publications, seminars, briefings, and other channels.

Founding FellowsEdit

  1. Dr. Mahar Mangahas (currently the President and CEO)
  2. Prof. Felipe B. Miranda
  3. Mercedes R. Abad
  4. Jose P. de Jesus
  5. Ma. Alcestis Abrea-Mangahas
  6. Gemino H. Abad
  7. Rosa Linda Tidalgo-Miranda

Social Weather IndicatorsEdit

  • Statistic Database
  • Change in quality of life
  • Expected change in quality of life
  • Expected change in the economy
  • Satisfaction with the President

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