Social Liberal Party (Maldives)

The Social Liberal Party (Dhivehi: ސޯޝަލް ލިބަރަލް ޕާޓީ) was a centrist/centre-left social liberal political party in the Maldives. The party was a splinter from the Maldivian Democratic Party, and faced a long battle to gain registration. It was finally registered by the courts on 4 May 2008.

The party's leader is Mazlan Rasheed. Its deputy leader is Hassan Latheef.[1]

On 8 May 2011, Ibrahim Ismail, candidate for Social Liberal Party in Maldivian presidential elections 2008 joined MDP together with other key members, Hassan Latheef, Fayyaz Ismail, Ahmed Abdullah Afeef, Hassan Ismail, Hussain Ismail.[2]

The party was dissolved in 2013.


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