Soccer Team (band)

Soccer Team is an American band from Washington, D.C., featuring Ryan Nelson (The Most Secret Method, Beauty Pill)[1] and Melissa Quinley.[2]

Soccer Team
OriginWashington, D.C., U.S.
Years active2006–present
MembersRyan Nelson
Melissa Quinley
Dennis Kane
Jason Hutto


Ryan Nelson and Melissa Quinley met as co-workers at Dischord Records[3] and began writing songs together in Nelson's house.[4] Slowly a collection of fourteen tracks[2] was amassed that the duo releasess-date=January 22, 2020}}</ref> Nelson then relocated to Flint, Michigans When Nelson returned to D.C. in suitarist Jason Hutto (The Aquarium, Warm Sun) and Quinley's husband,[3] drummer Dennis Kane.[2] This lineup released the band's second album, Real Lessons In Cynicism, in 2015.[5][6]


  • "Volunteered” Civility and Professionalism (2006, Dischord Records)[7]
  • Real Lessons In Cynicism (2015, Dischord Records)[8]


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