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SoHo is a Colombian-based monthly men's magazine founded in 1999 by Isaac Lee and others.[1] In addition to Colombia, it is distributed in Ecuador, Panama, Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica and Peru. It is the second largest magazine by circulation in Colombia after TVyNovelas.[citation needed]

SoHo logo.svg
Front cover of SoHo featuring in the centre Colombian actress Cristina Umaña posing nude wearing epaulettes and a bicorne drawing a sword from its scabbard.
Front cover of SoHo, featuring actress Cristina Umaña
Editor-in-ChiefDaniel Samper Ospina
CategoriesAdult magazine
PublisherPublicaciones Semana S.A.
First issue10 August 1999
Based inBogota, D.C.
LanguageColombian Spanish

The magazine is known for its nude and partially nude cover photos of models, actresses, and women in Colombian public life,[2] and like some other Latin American men's magazines, also for the contributions of notable writers and wide range of article topics.[3] This often puts it in the same market segment as Playboy or Maxim.

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