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The professional world rankings for the 1988–89 season are listed below.

No. 1: Steve Davis
Steve Davis at Sports Club Turku, Finland.jpg
Born (1957-08-22) August 22, 1957 (age 63)
Sport country England
Highest ranking1
No. 2: Jimmy White
Jimmy White PHC 2011-1.jpg
Born (1962-05-02) May 2, 1962 (age 59)
Sport country England
Highest ranking2
No. 3: Neal Foulds
Born (1963-07-13) July 13, 1963 (age 57)
Sport country England
Highest ranking3

Being ranked in the top 16 exempted players from the qualifying rounds for the World Snooker Championship and also meant inclusion in certain invitational events.[1] The top 32 ranked players were exempt from the early qualifying rounds of the other ranking tournaments.[2]

The top three players in the snooker world rankings 1987/1988 kept the same positions this season. Steve Davis was ranked first, with 59 points, ahead of Jimmy White with 44 and Neal Foulds with 34. In fourth place, with 33 points, was Stephen Hendry, who rose from 23rd position on the previous year's list. The other players to join the elite "top 16" were Peter Francisco, John Virgo, and Cliff Wilson. The players dropping out of the top 16 were Alex Higgins, Rex Williams, Dean Reynolds and Doug Mountjoy.[2]

Higgins had been banned from competing in the first two ranking tournaments of the 1987/1988 season, and this was the first year since the rankings were instituted in 1976/1977 that he was not among the top 16.[2] In May 1988, Cliff Thorburn had two ranking points deducted for "bringing the game into disrepute" due to failing a drugs test at the 1988 British Open. Thorburn had been found to have small traces of cocaine in his urine sample. Thorburn was also barred from the first two ranking events of the 1988/1989 season as part of his punishment.[3][4] Without the deduction of the two points, Thorburn would have been ranked a place higher, at fifth.[2]

Of the players who had only been competing professionally for one season, Martin Clark was the highest-ranked, at 41st.[2]

Tournaments contributing to the rankingsEdit

The tournaments contributing to the 1988/89 rankings were the ranking tournaments held across two seasons, from 1986 to 1988.[2] From the 1986–87 season they were the 1986 International Open won by Foulds; the 1986 Grand Prix and 1987 British Open both won by White; and the 1986 UK Championship, 1987 Classic and 1987 World Championship all won by Davis.[5]

In the 1987–88 season, Davis won four of the six ranking titles:[1] the 1987 International Open, 1987 UK Championship, 1988 Classic and the 1988 World Championship.[6] Stephen Hendry won the other two, the 1987 Grand Prix and the 1988 British Open.[7]

Points tariffEdit

The rankings were based on a system of points as per the tables below. Ranking was determined on points earnt over the preceding two seasons. The ranking order was determined as follows:[2]

  • Most points
  • If a tie on points, the player who earnt more points in the most recent season was given the higher ranking
  • If still a tie, the player with more "Merit" points" was given the higher ranking
  • If still a tie, the player who earnt more "Merit" points was the most recent season is given the higher ranking
  • If still a tie, the player who earnt more "Merit" points was the most preceding season is given the higher ranking
  • If still a tie, the player with more "A" points" was given the higher ranking
  • If still a tie, the player with more frames won was given the higher ranking
  • If still a tie, the player with the better performance in the previous World Championship was given the higher ranking
  • If still a tie, the player with the better performance in the previous ranking tournament was given the higher ranking, going back through ranking tournaments until the positions could be established.
World championship
Champion 10
Runner-up 8
Losing semi-finalist 6
Losing Quarter-finalist 4
Second-round loser 2
First-round loser 1 if not in top 16 ranked players. 2 "Merit" points if in top 16.
Fourth qualifying round loser 2 "Merit" points
Third qualifying round loser 1 "Merit" point
Second qualifying round loser 1 "A" point
First qualifying round loser Frames won in match
Other ranking tournaments
Champion 6
Runner-up 5
Losing semi-finalist 4
Losing Quarter-finalist 3
Fifth-round loser 2
Fourth-round loser 1
Third-round loser 1 "Merit" point
Second-round loser 1 "A" point
First-round loser Frames won in match


No.[2][8][9][10] Name Nationality
1 Steve Davis   England
2 Jimmy White   England
3 Neal Foulds   England
4 Stephen Hendry   Scotland
5 Terry Griffiths   Wales
6 Cliff Thorburn   Canada
7 John Parrott   England
8 Tony Knowles   England
9 Mike Hallett   England
10 Dennis Taylor   Northern Ireland
11 Joe Johnson   England
12 Silvino Francisco   South Africa
13 Willie Thorne   England
14 Peter Francisco   South Africa
15 John Virgo   England
16 Cliff Wilson   Wales
17 Alex Higgins   Northern Ireland
18 Rex Williams   England
19 Eddie Charlton   Australia
20 Tony Drago   Malta
21 Eugene Hughes   Ireland
22 Dean Reynolds   England
23 Dene O'Kane   New Zealand
24 Doug Mountjoy   Wales
25 Steve Newbury   Wales
26 Barry West   England
27 John Spencer   England
28 David Taylor   England
29 Bob Chaperon   Canada
30 Steve Longworth   England
31 Tony Meo   England
32 Steve James   England
33 John Campbell   Australia
34 Wayne Jones   Wales
35 Joe O'Boye   Ireland
36 Dave Martin   England
37 Kirk Stevens   Canada
38 Jim Wych   Canada
39 David Roe   England
40 Ray Reardon   Wales
41 Martin Clark   England
42 Tommy Murphy   Northern Ireland
43 Danny Fowler   England
44 Warren King   Australia
45 Gary Wilkinson   England
46 Graham Cripsey   England
47 Bill Werbeniuk   Canada
48 Murdo MacLeod   Scotland
49 Tony Jones   England
50 Steve Duggan   England
51 Tony Chappel   Wales
52 Mark Bennett   Wales
53 Ken Owers   England
54 Paddy Browne   Ireland
55 Ray Edmonds   England
56 Nigel Gilbert   England
57 Dave Gilbert   England
58 Mick Fisher   England
59 Pat Houlihan   England
60 Roger Bales   England
61 Jon Wright   England
62 Les Dodd   England
63 Marcel Gauvreau   Canada
64 Jack McLaughlin   Northern Ireland
65 Graham Miles   England
66 Robby Foldvari   Australia
67 Colin Roscoe   Wales
68 Paul Medati   England
69 Paul Gibson   England
70 Brian Rowswell   England
71 Vic Harris   England
72 Martin Smith   England
73 Jim Chambers   England
74 Jim Donnelly   Scotland
75 Malcolm Bradley   England
76 Mark Wildman   England
77 Bob Harris   England
78 Geoff Foulds   England
79 Robbie Grace   South Africa
80 Tony Kearney   Ireland
81 John Rea   Scotland
82 Mario Morra   Canada
83 Fred Davis   England
84 Bill Oliver   England
85 Eddie Sinclair   Scotland
86 Jim Bear   Canada
87 Jimmy van Rensberg   South Africa
88 Matt Gibson   Scotland
89 Ian Williamson   England
90 George Scott   England
91 Gino Rigitano   Canada
92 John Dunning   England
93 Eric Lawlor   England
94 Jim Meadowcroft   England
95 Glen Wilkinson   Australia
96 Ian Black   Scotland
97 Bernie Mikkelsen   Canada
98 Paul Watchorn   Ireland
99 Jackie Rea   Northern Ireland
100 Mike Darrington   England
101 Terry Whitthread   England
102 Alain Robidoux   Canada
103 Patsy Fagan   Ireland
104 Greg Jenkins   Australia
105 Pascal Burke   Ireland
106 Frank Jonik   Canada
107 Ian Anderson   Australia
108 Mike Watterson   England
109 Jim Rempe   United States
110 Billy Kelly   Ireland
111 Dennis Hughes   England
112 Dave Chalmers   England
113 Francois Ellis   South Africa
114 Jack Fitzmaurice   England
115 Dessie Sheehan   Ireland
116 Anthony Harris   England
117 Steve Meakin   England
118 Jason Smith   England
119 Robert Marshall   England
120 Clive Everton[a]   Wales
121 Derek Mienie[a]   South Africa
122 John Hargreaves[a]   England
123 Derek Heaton[a]   England
124 Paul Thornley[a]   Canada
125 David Greaves[a]   England
126 Mike Hines[a]   South Africa
127 Maurice Parkin[a]   England
128 Bert Demarco[a]   Scotland
129 Bernard Bennett[a]   England
130 Joe Cagianello[a]   Canada
131 Eddie McLaughlin[a]   Scotland
132 Steve Mizerak[a]   United States
133 G Watson[a]   Canada
134 Paddy Morgan[a]   Australia
135 James Giannaros[a]   Australia
136 Lou Condo[a]   Australia
137 Mannie Francisco[a]   South Africa
138 W Saunderson[a]   Canada
139 Steve Campbell[b]   England
140 Craig Edwards[b]   England
141 Ian Graham[b]   England
142 Mark Johnston-Allen[b]   England
143 Darren Morgan[b]   Wales
144 Mick Price[b]   England
145 Mark Rowing[b]   England
146 Nick Terry[b]   England
147 Tony Wilson[b]   Isle of Man


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