A snapsvisa (Swedish, plural: snapsvisor) is a traditional Scandinavian drinking song which is often sung before drinking a small shot of spirit that is called a snaps.[1]

A typical snapsvisa is a short, vigorous song; its lyrics usually tell of the delicacy and glory of the drink, or of the singer’s craving for snaps. Snapsvisor are short, bright, and easy to learn. The most well-known snapsvisa in Sweden is Helan Går.[2]

Snapsvisor are an important part of traditional and family festivities in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and among Swedish-speaking Finns.[3] The singing of these drinking songs is also a lively part of Scandinavian student culture. In some cases universities even have detailed explanations for foreign students on how to sing during formal dinners.[4] They are also widespread among monolingually Finnish students in Finland, although they are rarely met with elsewhere in Finnish drinking culture.

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