Small Passion

The Small Passion is a series of 36 woodcuts and a frontispiece by Albrecht Dürer. One of the best surviving sets is now in the British Museum in London. It was produced in 1511 as a new set of works on Biblical themes and the life and Passion of Christ (its title distinguishes it from his earlier Great Passion) in 1511, the same year as he republished earlier works such as Apocalypse.

Title page


  1. Frontispiece
  2. Fall of Man
  3. Adam and Eve Expelled from Paradise
  4. Annunciation
  5. Nativity of Jesus
  6. Christ Bids Farewell to his Mother
  7. Christ Enters Jerusalem
  8. Christ Drives the Merchants from the Temple
  9. Last Supper
  10. Christ Washes the Disciples' Feet
  11. Agony in the Garden
  12. Christ Arrested
  13. Christ Before Ananias
  14. Christ Before Caiphas
  15. Christ Mocked
  16. Christ Before Pilate
  17. Christ Before Herod
  18. Flagellation
  19. Christ Crowned with Thorns
  20. Ecce homo
  21. Pilate Washes his Hands
  22. Christ Carries his Cross
  23. Veronica and the Sudarium
  24. Christ Nailed to the Cross
  25. Crucifixion
  26. Christ Descends into Limbo
  27. Christ Taken Down from the Cross
  28. Lamentation
  29. Burial of Christ
  30. Resurrection of Christ
  31. Christ Appears to his Mother
  32. Noli me tangere
  33. Supper at Emmaus
  34. Incredulity of Saint Thomas
  35. Ascension
  36. Pentecost
  37. Last Judgement



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