Slovenska Zamejska Skavtska Organizacija

The Slovenska Zamejska Skavtska Organizacija (Slovene Minority Scout Organization, SZSO) is a Catholic Scouting and Guiding association serving Slovenes in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy. SZSO is affiliated to the Associazione Guide e Scouts Cattolici Italiani (AGESCI), the largest Scout association in the country.[1]

Slovenska Zamejska Skavtska Organizacija
Slovenska Zamejska Skavtska Organizacija.png
HeadquartersViale XX. septembre 85
Location34710 Gorizia
Founded15. December 1976
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SZSO is affiliated to the ZSKSS (Združenje slovenskih katoliških skavtinj in skavtov), Scout association in Slovenia also, having special agreement about mutual cooperation.[2]

SZSO, whose first group was organized in 1951, was officially founded in 1976.


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