Slovakia–Ukraine border

The Slovakia–Ukraine border is an internationally established boundary between Slovakia and Ukraine. Both countries inherited it from their previous respective state organizations, Ukraine from the Soviet Union and Slovakia from Czechoslovakia.

Slovak and Ukrainian boundary markers
Slovak, Polish and Ukrainian border tripoint

The current border was established after World War II and stretches for 97 km (60 mi). After the admission of Slovakia to the European Union, the border became the external border of the European Union. Ukraine's Uzhhorod Airport is located just a few hundred metres from the border. If Russia was to target the airport using missiles with bad precision, a missile could accidentally land on Slovak territory. This means that Russia would be bombing an EU or NATO member. [1]

Border checkpointsEdit

Slovak-Ukrainian border, crossing-point Veľké Slemence - Mali Selmentsi; Slovak side.
Exit passport stamp issued at the border crossing point in Vyšné Nemecké.

Border checkpoints are the following:[2]

Uzhhorod   M08   E50 I/50   Vyšné Nemecké motorized traffic only, no pedestrians and cyclists allowed 48°39′21″N 22°15′55″E / 48.655749°N 22.265296°E / 48.655749; 22.265296
Malyi Bereznyi   P53/74   Ubľa only for vehicles with maximal permissible weight up to 3.5 tons 48°53′02″N 22°25′14″E / 48.883937°N 22.420478°E / 48.883937; 22.420478
Pavlove (Pallo)     Maťovce freight only
Chop     Čierna nad Tisou
Mali Selmentsi     Veľké Slemence only for pedestrians and cyclists 48°30′40″N 22°09′15″E / 48.511125°N 22.154290°E / 48.511125; 22.154290

In 2008 the border was crossed by some 2.8 million people and over 1.5 million transportation objects.[3]

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