In computer hardware terminology, slotkets, also known as slockets, (both short for slot to socket adapter) are adapters that allow socket-based microprocessors to be used on slot-based motherboards.

Socket 8 slocket adapter
Socket 370 Slotket adapter

Slotkets were first created to allow the use of Socket 8 Pentium Pro processors on Slot 1 motherboards. Later, they became more popular for inserting Socket 370 Intel Celerons into Slot 1 based motherboards. This lowered costs for computer builders, especially with dual processor machines. High-end motherboards accepting two Slot 1 processors (usually Pentium 2) were widely available, but double-socketed motherboards for the less expensive Socket 370 Celerons were not. The slotkets remained popular in the transition period from Slot to Socket-based Pentium III processors by allowing CPU upgrades in existing Slot 1 motherboards.

Slotkets were never introduced to take advantage of the AMD Athlon processors' transition from the Slot A form factor to the Socket A form factor.

Today, slotkets have largely disappeared, as neither Intel nor AMD currently manufacture CPUs in slot form factors.

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