Skunk Creek (South Dakota)

Skunk Creek is a tributary of the Big Sioux River, located in the southeastern South Dakota counties of Minnehaha and Lake. It has a confluence with the Big Sioux in the west central area of Sioux Falls.[2]

Skunk Creek
CountryUnited States
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ locationBrant Lake, Lake County, South Dakota
 ⁃ coordinates43°55′12″N 96°57′47″W / 43.91997°N 96.96311°W / 43.91997; -96.96311
 ⁃ location
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
 ⁃ coordinates
43°31′34″N 96°46′16″W / 43.52609°N 96.77116°W / 43.52609; -96.77116Coordinates: 43°31′34″N 96°46′16″W / 43.52609°N 96.77116°W / 43.52609; -96.77116[1]

Skunk Creek was a natural habitat of skunks, hence the name.[3]

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