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View of the town
The memorial in Skra commemorating the Battle of Skra-di-Legen.
Skra waterfalls

Skra (Greek: Σκρα), before 1926 Loumitsa (Romanian: Liumniţa) is a village of a Vlach community in the municipality of Paionia, Kilkis regional unit of Greece.

In 2011 the population was 187 for the village, and 234 for the community, including the village Koupa.[1] It is situated 10 km south of the border with the Republic of Macedonia and its altitude is 548 m.

The village is best known for the Battle of Skra-di-Legen of May 1918. The village has a monument and museum dedicated to the battle.

Before the First World War, the village was much larger and inhabited mainly by Megleno-Romanians.

According to the book "Macedonia — ethnography and statistics" by Vasil Kanchov, there were 2,600 Megleno-Romanian inhabitants in the village in 1900.


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Coordinates: 41°05′38″N 22°22′59″E / 41.09389°N 22.38306°E / 41.09389; 22.38306