Skidegate Inlet

Skidegate Inlet is a broad inlet on the east coast of the Haida Gwaii archipelago of the North Coast of British Columbia, Canada.[1] It is the easternmost of a series of waterways separating Graham Island to the north from Moresby Island to the south.

Skidegate Inlet
Skidegate Inlet, British Columbia.jpg
View of Skidegate Inlet from the east
Skidegate Inlet is located in British Columbia
Skidegate Inlet
Skidegate Inlet
Location in British Columbia
LocationHaida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada
Coordinates53°14′19″N 132°01′33″W / 53.23861°N 132.02583°W / 53.23861; -132.02583Coordinates: 53°14′19″N 132°01′33″W / 53.23861°N 132.02583°W / 53.23861; -132.02583
Ocean/sea sourcesPacific Ocean
SettlementsQueen Charlotte, Skidegate

Name originEdit

The name is derived from that of the village, which gets its name from one of the hereditary chiefs there, Chief Skidegate, whose chiefly name means "red paint stone".[2]


Skidegate Inlet is a located between Graham Island to the north, Skidegate Channel to the southwest, Hecate Strait to the east, and Moresby Island to the south.

The city of Queen Charlotte and community of Skidegate are located on its northern shore on Graham Island.