Sixteenth Army (Japan)

The Japanese 16th Army (第16軍, Dai-jyūroku gun) was an army of the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II.

Japanese Sixteenth Army
Japanese troops move through Java.jpg
Japanese troops enter Java
ActiveNovember 5, 1941 – August 15, 1945 
CountryEmpire of Japan
BranchImperial Japanese Army
Nickname(s)Osamu ()
EngagementsBattle of Java (1942)


The Japanese 16th Army was formed on November 5, 1941 under the Southern Expeditionary Army Group to coordinate the infantry divisions and other Japanese ground forces in the Invasion of Java in the Netherlands East Indies. It remained based on Java throughout the Pacific War as a garrison force.

On March 27, 1944, with the threat of possible landings of Allied forces to retake the Dutch East Indies increasing, the organizational structure of the Southern Expeditionary Army changed and the IJA 16th Army was reassigned to the Japanese Seventh Area Army. It remained headquartered in Jakarta as a garrison force as before.

The Japanese 16th Army was demobilized at the surrender of Japan on August 15, 1945.

List of commandersEdit

Commanding officerEdit

Name From To
1 General Hitoshi Imamura 6 November 1941 9 November 1942
2 Lieutenant General Kumakichi Harada 9 November 1942 7 April 1945
3 Lieutenant General Yuichiro Nagano 7 April 1945 September 1945

Chief of StaffEdit

Name From To
1 Lieutenant General Seizaburo Okazaki 6 November 1941 10 June 1943
2 Lieutenant General Shinshichiro Kokubu 10 June 1943 14 November 1944
3 Major General Shigeichi Yamamoto 14 November 1944 September 1945



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