Six family

Six is a well-known Dutch family from Amsterdam. The family originally came from the region of Lille in the north of France.

Six family
noble family
Six wapen 1842.svg
Founded16th century
FounderGuillaume Six
Titlesbaron for first born, Jonkheer


The first known member, Guillaume Six, was a linen weaver in Armentières and Lille. During the Reformation, the family moved from Antwerp to Amsterdam and later belonged to the government of that city. Several family members were painted by Rembrandt. The name Six is an abbreviation of Sixtus, a name given to the sixth child of a family. Jan Six II (1668–1750) bought the fiefdom of Hillegom. First-born members carry the title of baron and the others the honorific of Jonkheer.

Famous membersEdit


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