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Six Flags México is a theme park located in the Tlalpan forest and borough, on the southern edge of Mexico City, Mexico. It is owned and operated by Six Flags, and is the most visited theme park in Latin America with 2.8 million annual visitors. It was previously known as Reino Aventura and was a Mexican-owned and run theme park; the orca whale Keiko (featured in the movie Free Willy) was then its principal attraction.

Six Flags México
Six Flags México logo.jpg
LocationMexico City, Mexico
Coordinates19°17′42″N 99°12′32″W / 19.295°N 99.209°W / 19.295; -99.209Coordinates: 19°17′42″N 99°12′32″W / 19.295°N 99.209°W / 19.295; -99.209
OwnerSix Flags Entertainment Corporation
OpenedMarch 3, 1982; 39 years ago (1982-03-03)
Previous namesReino Aventura (1982-1999)
Operating seasonYear round, remaining closed some Mondays and Tuesdays
Area110 acres (0.45 km2)
Roller coasters9
Water rides2
WebsiteSix Flags México


Reino Aventura (Spanish for "Adventure Kingdom") opened its gates on March 3, 1982, as the largest theme park in Latin America with a mascot named Cornelio, who was a purple cartoon dragon. Since its opening, no new attractions were added, thus attendance dropped. In 1992, the park was closed for an extensive remodeling as well as adding new rides, opening once again on July 3, 1993, with the new moniker El Nuevo Reino Aventura (The New Adventure Kingdom) featuring new rides such as Río Salvaje (Wild River, a raft ride), Viaje Inesperado (Unexpected Trip, a motion simulator), and Roller Skater (a Vekoma Kiddie Coaster). That same year, the feature film Free Willy was shot in the park. This attracted numerous animal rights organizations, which pressured the park to free the orca Keiko. After Keiko left, Cornelio the dragon became once again the Park's official mascot.

In 1999, Premier Parks bought Reino Aventura for an estimated $59 million. Under new administration, the park's name was officially changed to Six Flags. Twenty new attractions were added to the park, including Batman: The Ride, Kilahuea, and Medusa, a wooden roller coaster. It opened its gates again on April 14, 2000, as Six Flags México.

Premier Parks bought the rest of the stocks on Six Flags, and became Six Flags Inc., which is their current name. The latest coaster openings in Six Flags México include Superman el Último Escape (2004), The Dark Knight (2009), The Joker (2013), Medusa Steel Coaster (2014), and Wonder Woman Coaster (2018).

In 2011, the park opened Terminator X: A Laser Battle for Salvation, an indoor themed laser tag attraction.[1] On September 6, 2012, Six Flags México announced The Joker a Gerstlauer spinning coaster for the 2013 season.[2] The Joker was relocated from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom as Pandemonium from 2008-2012.[3][4] Also announced is two new events in October and December, Festival del Terror and Christmas in the Park, both starting in 2012.[2]

In June 2013, Six Flags México announced on Facebook that an attraction at the park will be closing at the end of summer 2013. On July 1, 2013, Cowboy Stunt Show was announce for the park. On August 29, 2013, Six Flags officially announced the renovation of Medusa to Medusa Steel Coaster that will feature steel tracks and multiple inversions for the 2014 season.[5] On August 28, 2014, it was announced that the park would get a Funtime Starflyer named Skyscreamer in 2015. On September 3, 2015, it was announced that the park would get Justice League: Battle For Metropolis 4D in 2016, like Six Flags Great America. On September 1, 2016, it was announced that the park would get new things in 2017. They announced The New Revolution Virtual Reality Coaster and Medusa Steel Coaster, a Mardi Gras festival, and a new water park called Hurricane Harbor.


Batman: The Ride
Horstacio, the world's former largest Piñata.
Vuelo Alpino.
Wonder Woman and Chinese dragon car from Magic Light Parade.

Pueblo Mexicano (Mexican Village)Edit

Name Opened Manufacturer Type Notes
Río Salvaje 1992 Intamin River rapids ride
Superman El Último Escape 2004 Morgan Hyper Coaster
La Fiesta de las Tazas 2000 SBF Visa Group Tea Cups

Pueblo Francés (French Village)Edit

Name Opened Manufacturer Type Notes
Le Grand Carrousell 1982 Bertazzon Double Decker Carousel
Le Mans 2012 Reverchon Bumper cars
Ghostbusters 2015 Sally Corporation Laser Tag
The Joker 2013 Gerstlauer Spinning Coaster Originally Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Pueblo Polinesio (Polynesian Village)Edit

Name Opened Manufacturer Type Notes
Piñas Locas 2000 Huss Crazy Pineapple
Kilahuea 2000 S&S Worldwide Combo Tower With Caída al Abismo (Realidad Virtual)
Tsunami 1981 Zierer Tivoli Large Coaster

Villa HollywoodEdit

DC Universe is a sub-section of Villa Hollywood, which includes rides themed to DC Comics.

Name Opened Manufacturer Type Notes
Aquaman SplashDown 1993 Hopkins Rides Shoot The Chutes
Batman: The Ride 2000 Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster
Boomerang 1985 Vekoma Boomerang World's First Boomerang Coaster
Justice League: Battle for Metropolis 2016 Sally Corporation 4D Dark Ride
Rock & Roll 2000 Wieland Schwarzkopf Polyp
Supergirl Sky Flight
Formerly SkyScreamer
2015 Funtime Star Flyer 74m
Teen Titans Turbo 2000 J&J Amusements Go Karts
Wonder Woman Coaster 2018 S&S Worldwide 4D Free Fly Coaster
X-Flight 2015 Skycoaster Inc. Sky Coaster 60m
CraZanity 2020 Zamperla Giga Discovery

DC Super FriendsEdit

Name Opened Manufacturer Type Notes
Los Supervillanos de Gotham City 1993 Zierer Wave Swinger Formerly Vuelo Alpino
Superman: Krypton Coaster 1993 Vekoma Junior Coaster Formerly Jr. Roller Coaster
Expreso Musical 2000 Mack Rides Musik Express
Sling Shot 2014 Funtime Sling Shot 60m

Pueblo Vaquero (Cowboy Village)Edit

Name Opened Manufacturer Type Notes
Rueda India 1993 Intamin/Waagner-Biro Ferris Wheel
Ruleta 2000 Chance Rides Trabant
Tamborcitos 2000 SBF Visa Group Mini Tea Cups
The Dark Knight Coaster 2009 Mack Rides Indoor Wild Mouse Coaster
Medusa Steel Coaster 2014 Rocky Mountain Construction Hybrid Coaster I-Box Track

Bugs Bunny BoomtownEdit

Name Opened Manufacturer Type Notes
Los Globos de Elmer 2000 Zamperla Samba Balloons Ride
ACME Trucking Company 2000 Zamperla Kiddie Convoy
Marvin el Marciano: Aventura Espacial 2000 Zamperla Crazy Plane Ride
Pato Lucas Blaster 1992 Chance Rides Cycle Jump Ride
Marvin el Marciano: Aventura Espacial 1992 Arrow Development Kiddie Ride
Looney Tunes Circo Express 2000 Zamperla Circus Train Ride
Súper Cornelio 1992 Arrow Development Aerial Carousel
La Mini Torre de Sylvestre 2000 S&S Frog Hopper
Gran Turismo 2000 Chance Ride Kiddie Cars
Oruga 1992 Zamperla Wacky Worm
Camiones 1992 Chance Rides Kiddie Ride
La Casona de la Abuela 2012 Togo Whip
El Campo de Aventuras de Looney Tunes 1992 Six Flags México Kiddie Playground
La Escuela de Vuelo de Sam Bigotes 2000/2011 Zamperla Red Baron

Former attractionsEdit

Name Opened Closed Manufacturer Type Notes
Medusa 2000 2013 Custom Coasters International Wooden Coaster Converted into Medusa Steel Coaster
Canoa Krakatoa 2000 2012 Zierer Pirate Ship Ride Made space for The Joker
Huracán 1993 2019 Vekoma Waikiki Wave Super Flip
Vudú 2000 2019 SBF Visa Group Dance Party
Catapulta 1993 2019 Chance Rides Double Inverter
Curandero 2000 2018 SBF Visa Group Space Gun


Carlos Joel Garza Marines, 15, fell ten meters from the "Rueda India" and broke his legs in March 2019.[6]

Abdiel Alexey, an 18-year-old visitor, was killed after flying out of an unsecured seat on El Penguino in November 2020.[7]


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