Six Days of Amsterdam

The Six Days of Amsterdam (Dutch: Zesdaagse van Amsterdam) is a six-day track cycling race held at the Amsterdam Velodrome in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Six Days of Amsterdam
Race details
RegionAmsterdam, the Netherlands
Local name(s)Zesdaagse van Amsterdam (in Dutch)
TypeSix-day racing
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First edition1932 (1932)
Editions23 (as of 2016)
First winner
Most wins Danny Stam (NED) (4 wins)
Most recent

The recordholder for the Six Days of Amsterdam is the Dutch cyclist Danny Stam with four victories.

The most recent edition took place in 2016 and was won by Belgians Kenny De Ketele and Moreno De Pauw, their third Six Day victory as a duo.


The first edition was between 18 and 24 November 1932, in the old building of the Amsterdam RAI on the Ferdinand Bolstraat on a 166.6 metre track. This first edition was won by the Dutch couple Jan Pijnenburg and Piet van Kempen. The year afterwards the Dutch couple Jan Pijnenburg/Cor Wals beat the French couple Marcel Guimbretiere/Paul Broccado and the year later during the third edition it was the other way around and the French couple won. After Adolphe Charlier and Frans Slaats won the fourth edition in 1936 there were no more Six Days held in Amsterdam for thirty years. Due to the large unemployment and later also due to the second world war, the National Cycling Union (NWU) prohibited to organise Six Day races. There were many proposals to organise a Six Day race after the second world war but the fifth edition was years later in 1966, in the new RAI building located on the Europaplein. After four editions in this building there were again about thirty years without the event organised in Amsterdam. Since 2001 the race takes place in the new build Amsterdam Velodrome located in Sportpark Sloten, with a 200-metre track and a capacity for 2000 spectators.[1] World Champion Ellen van Dijk fired the starting shot for the 21st edition in October 2013.[2]

List of winning teams of the Six Days of AmsterdamEdit

1969 report by Polygoon
Year Team
2016   Kenny De Ketele (BEL)   Moreno De Pauw (BEL)
2014   Niki Terpstra (NED)   Yoeri Havik (NED)
2013   Kenny De Ketele (BEL)   Gijs Van Hoecke (BEL)
2012   Pim Ligthart (NED)   Michael Mørkøv (DEN)
2011   Iljo Keisse (BEL)   Niki Terpstra (NED)
2010   Robert Bartko (GER)   Roger Kluge (GER)
2009   Robert Bartko (GER)   Roger Kluge (GER)
2008   Robert Slippens (NED)   Danny Stam (NED)
2007   Iljo Keisse (BEL)   Robert Bartko (GER)
2006   Peter Schep (NED)   Danny Stam (NED)
2005   Bruno Risi (SUI)   Kurt Betschart (SUI)
2004   Robert Slippens (NED)   Danny Stam (NED)
2003   Robert Slippens (NED)   Danny Stam (NED)
2002   Silvio Martinello (ITA)   Marco Villa (ITA)
2001   Scott McGrory (AUS)   Matthew Gilmore (BEL)
1969   Peter Post (NED)   Romain Deloof (BEL)
1968   Klaus Bugdahl (GER)   Jan Janssen (NED)
1967   Freddy Eugen (DEN)   Palle Lykke (DEN)
1966   Peter Post (NED)   Fritz Pfenninger (SUI)
1936   Adolphe Charlier (FRA)   Frans Slaats (NED)
1934   Marcel Guimbretiere (FRA)   Paul Broccado (FRA)
1933   Jan Pijnenburg (NED)   Cor Wals (NED)
1932   Jan Pijnenburg (NED)   Piet van Kempen (NED)


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