Sittard-Geleen (Dutch: [ˈsɪtɑrt xəˈleːn] (listen); Limburgish: Zittert-Gelaen [ˈzɪtəʀt çəˈlɛːn])[tone?][a] is a municipality in the southeastern Netherlands. It was formed in 2001 from the former municipalities Sittard, Geleen and Born.

Sittard market square
Sittard market square
Flag of Sittard-Geleen
Highlighted position of Sittard-Geleen in a municipal map of Limburg
Location in Limburg
Coordinates: 51°0′N 5°52′E / 51.000°N 5.867°E / 51.000; 5.867Coordinates: 51°0′N 5°52′E / 51.000°N 5.867°E / 51.000; 5.867
Established1 January 2001[1]
 • BodyMunicipal council
 • MayorHans Verheijen (CDA)
 • Municipality80.58 km2 (31.11 sq mi)
 • Land79.01 km2 (30.51 sq mi)
 • Water1.57 km2 (0.61 sq mi)
Elevation47 m (154 ft)
Highest elevation
100 m (300 ft)
 (Municipality, January 2019; Urban and Metro, May 2014)[5][6]
 • Municipality92,661
 • Density1,173/km2 (3,040/sq mi)
 • Urban
 • Metro
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Area code046

The combined municipality has approximately 92,518 inhabitants (March 2019)[7] and is thus the second most populated municipality in Limburg (after Maastricht with 125,000 inhabitants). Since February 2020, the city has been governed by a coalition of CDA (Christian Democrats), GroenLinks (Green) and the local parties GOB and Stadspartij.[8]

The highway connecting the centres of Sittard and Geleen, the Rijkswegboulevard, has been rebuilt to be a main route for cycling and walking. The cycling and walking provision is both generous and continuous. Side road junctions, or crossroads, are made 'subordinate'. The carriageways have been narrowed to one 3m lane in each direction. Parking places have been made, in small groups, at the side of the carriageways. These are made to be 'not easy to use for larger vehicles' and so the road centre is marked as a place for delivery vehicles to stop. Information supplied by the highway engineers: Büro für Stadt und Verkehr (BSV), Aachen, Germany.

To the west, Sittard-Geleen borders on Belgium, while to the east, it borders on Germany.

Population centresEdit

Born, Broeksittard, Buchten, Einighausen, Geleen, Graetheide, Grevenbicht, Guttecoven, Holtum, Limbricht, Munstergeleen, Windraak, Obbicht, Papenhoven, Schipperskerk and Sittard.



Dutch Topographic map of the municipality

Notable peopleEdit

Charles Houben, 1851
Laurence Stassen, 2009


Leo Horn, 1964
Maartje Paumen, 2009
  • Leo Horn (1916 in Sittard – 1995) an international football referee, newspaper columnist and textile manufacturer
  • Jan Krekels (born 1947 in Sittard) a retired cyclist, 1968 Olympic champion in the 100 km team time trial
  • Huub Stevens (born 1953 in Sittard) a football manager and former defender with 397 club caps
  • Wilbert Suvrijn (born 1962 in Sittard) a retired Dutch footballer with 341 club caps
  • Lambert Schuurs (born 1962 in Sittard) a retired handball player and ultra-long-distance runner
  • Arnold Vanderlyde (born 1963 in Sittard) a former Dutch boxer, who participated in three Summer Olympics (1984, 1988 and 1992) and won three bronze medals
  • Wil Boessen (born 1964 in Sittard) a Dutch retired football player with 397 club caps and manager
  • Ton Caanen (born 1966 in Geleen) a Dutch football manager.
  • Rens Blom (born 1977 in Munstergeleen) a Dutch pole vaulter, competed in the 2000 and 2004 Summer Olympics
  • Maartje Paumen (born 1985 in Geleen) a former Dutch field hockey player, twice gold medallist at the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics, silver medallist at the 2016 Summer Olympics
  • Benjamin van den Broek (born 1987 in Geleen) a New Zealand international footballer with 275 club caps
  • Rob Bontje (born 1981 in Grevenbicht) a volleyball player, competed at the 2004 Olympic Games
  • Sjoerd Winkens (born 1983 in Geleen) a former professional footballer with over 300 club caps
  • Dominick Muermans (born 1984 in Geleen) a Dutch racing driver
  • Perr Schuurs (born 1999 in Nieuwstadt) a Dutch football player, playing for Ajax Amsterdam


  1. ^ In isolation, Geleen and Gelaen are pronounced [ɣəˈleːn] and [ʝəˈlɛːn],[tone?] respectively.


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